3 Healthy Green Smoothies | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Since it’s the month of all things green (aka St. Pattys), I’m sharing 3 of my go-to green smoothie recipes.
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  1. There are several components to ways to lose weight. One place I found which successfully combines these is the Elsu Smoothie System (google it if you're interested) definately the no.1 blueprint i've heard of. look at the great info

  2. Tahira Ameen says:

    is it okay if I use frozen spinach?

  3. Amy White says:

    Wow I love the Green smoothies it is so good for Amy White will make it too?

  4. Joy Njoku says:

    Thank you for sharing this recipes, am gonna try it today

  5. Vegan Planet says:

    Really amazing and refreshing

  6. nice , these are great!

  7. hi. can I add dark chocolate (75%cocoa) in the smoothie instead of dates?

  8. vetterfellow says:

    Nikki; can theses juices be put in the freezer without jeopardizing taste?. Thank you for your anticipated response. Angelo

  9. lee lom says:

    Your website/blog didn't give precise ingredients and measurements of the banana strawberry green smoothie which was made on video. Wish I had the recipe!!

  10. Vivek Desai says:

    Thank you, its very helpful!

  11. I can ask this is medicine for anticancer because my mother is from a operasyon of her breast cancer can she drink that except in chemo I need a answer asap

  12. Vaught22 says:

    If you can take the bananas out – it would work for losing weight . The banana has way way to many carbs

  13. Ahmad Malass says:

    I added coriander instead of parsley is that ok

  14. I'm wondering if you can add cilantro to your smoothie?

  15. BigJuicy328 says:

    nice thanks for sharing

  16. Lovely Dove says:

    I just join your channel, I love green smoothies and I'm working on getting healthy!

  17. zakfran abu says:

    what best greens to remove bad cholesterol?

  18. GamingGen says:

    is it okay to avoid bananas in smoothies? i'm allergic to them.

  19. Lol this music is from HowToBasic

  20. Anonymous says:

    You look like Sandra Bullock.

  21. Thank you so much for the great ideas! I've always stuck with kale, mixed berries, and a banana because I had no other recipes. These are awesome & will be trying ASAP!!!! Thanks Love!!

  22. mohsina ks says:

    Which almond milk is the best type? Wheathr it should be made at home? Or which brand should be bought from shop?

  23. Yvette K says:

    good idea smoothies for breakfast sound yum thanks for sharing must try.

  24. I don't understand using nut milk in smoothies. Wouldn't it be healthier and more nutritious to use water and just throw in nuts or coconut flakes with?

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