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  1. the first one is not a recipe. it's an ensemble of ingredients.


  3. Crazy Ivan says:

    i already ate my supper and i am stuffed 🙂 but watching this makes me hungry again 😀

  4. is it bad that this is making me hungry

  5. I would make some of these, if only I knew the ingredients!

  6. I feel like I wasted 20 min of my life…

  7. just a useless video

  8. At 0:52 I make this all the time and it is easier to use your fingers to flatten the bread instead of a spoon.

  9. Hey you do this video with bright sight or copy????

  10. Penquins says:

    Who was hungry while watching this video?

  11. So what’s the
    the actual recipe for most foods in the video? And how about “one minute”?!

  12. Shanza Imran says:

    For all the ppl saying omg where the ingredients at, let me just say, nearly half of the recipes, you can tell what ingredients are used. Like if u agree

  13. Ender Girl says:

    38 delicious 1 minute recipes

    Let me spell out correctly for you…

    38 delicious 45 minute recipes (ingredients not include)

  14. plz name the ingredients. ..

  15. Amylicious says:

    16:13 wht do u call that sheet as?

  16. is any one scrolling the comments while watching video

  17. one minute recipes

    the second one cook in oven for 3 mins wow just works so well

  18. Santi12009 says:

    There was no ingredient names. dislike.

  19. Faisal Ahmed says:

    بالنسبه للدعاية…المندي مش إماراتي..

    بس عشان هطوك فلوس للدعاية……اخزك فيصل من البطين بو ظبي

  20. NiciJD says:

    This is a joke! One Minute Recipes?! Hardly, totally misleading title, but I just sat through the whole video!! Arghhh!!

  21. TheRiverter says:

    this channel is the off brand of Tasty

  22. I tried one of this but it was not at all nice

  23. Sonia Chopra says:

    I thought the first was egg with French fries i m weird

  24. Priya Saro says:


  25. why you repeat it in every video LOL

  26. What's The Point of This Video?

  27. This should be called "Guess the ingredients"

  28. those recipes are not kosher!!

  29. 4:13, 5:24, 10:30, 8:45, 12:44, 13:15, 13:50, 16:36, 18:34.
    don't mind these numbers, its just for my recipe book to revive the video for recipes. (v)

  30. Khalid Ali says:

    please mention the ingredients

  31. Victoria Ho says:

    Why did I click on this? Oh I remember to see how bad this was but this is even worse than bad

  32. 5 minute crafts yes. Easy breakfast you can make in 1 minute Seems about right

  33. those all are TASTY channel recipes

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