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  1. I noticed the last recipe, you didnt specify what ingredient you put in last. you stopped at 1 piece of fresh ginger, but the metal container contained some kind of liquid, probably lime or lemon juice but would be nice to be sure…

  2. On the last dressing that you make on this video did you add water or lemon or lime juice?

  3. KimannaN123 says:

    Could you list the ingredients for all of it

  4. Amanda Jean says:

    that is a lot of dates. I think I might use 2 or 3 total

  5. Love your dressing recipes! They look yummy! I also love your beautiful soul, who chooses to live harmoniously with our world, while also allowing your body to be natural by doing what it's designed to do. Way to go! I celebrate you!

  6. irishguy13 says:

    Make sure to use Monsanto GMO corn to fuck up your reproductive system.

  7. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  8. D. V. says:

    Damn….you people are harsh. Hairy pits or not….her hair, that face, those amazingly sexy fucking tits….she could have a beard for all I care, lol. Take care beautiful you~:)

  9. Very creative! Enjoyed seeing your guardian angel in the background @ 8:30 mark! Thanks for introducing me to a few new ideas.

  10. My new favourite channel. Thank you for sharing

  11. Lovely ideas ! – Low fat !

  12. Great ideas! Thank you! Perfect for our next salads.

  13. John Smith says:

    Gross there's an armpit hair in my salad dressing

  14. Anton Taylor says:

    No bra on … so hot !

  15. I'm a vegan not on a raw diet person.

  16. Lovely recipes. Have tried a few. Thanks so much!

  17. I like your tank top! Cute! ☺

  18. Looking forward to trying some of these next week, thank you for sharing! You're beautiful and have a great positive vibe, I hope some of these negative comments aren't getting you down. More revealing about themselves than anything.

  19. grapegirl says:

    I found you on YouTube about a year ago  where you and your boyfriend were out in the yard in Louisiana (are you still together and in LA?) but just recently started watching these recipe vids, and again am disappointed that the only fat free dressings on everyone's raw vegan channel is the one with mangos, dates or sweet bell peppers ~~ I like savory when eating salads, prefer eating sweet fruits alone — It would be nice if you could come up with some dressings that aren't sweet and too watery 🙂  I do like the pistachio one you made in another video.

  20. you're too UGLY!!! I don't care abour your dressings!!!BYE

  21. Emily says:

    new subscriber!!

  22. Rodel Berida says:

    I'll try it here'in Dubai… Thanks Erin…

  23. Rachel Liza says:

    I love this video thanks for sharing!

  24. Night Angel says:

    I'm so happy to have found this channel. I'm still attempting to transition from a S.A.D to a raw vegan diet. I know that I do it though.

  25. DG says:

    I like that its oil free to!

  26. June Jones says:

    thank u just what I was looking for

  27. Fat free? All these concentrated dates wil mae you fat more than fats will… fr the record

  28. Fay Zenled says:

    You're awesome , can I ask, what would you recommend to substitute for mango? Because it's difficult to find one in Greece and they're kind of expensive :/

  29. 3Treos 45 says:

    OMG please shave your arm pits or wear long sleeves. not cool while showing a close up of your dressing and you see your hair. looking like a little man.

  30. January says:

    Thanks for the great video and recipes. I can't wait to try them. On the last tangy mango recipe did you add any kind of liquid like lemon juice because I didn't hear you mention it but it looked like you put liquid into the blender at the end. Thanks again. You and your husband look very healthy and pure and happy.

  31. Maria Masini says:

    Mmmmmm they all look so yummy can't Waite to try them

  32. Alex J says:

    Great recipe ideas. I was looking for new ideas and found your channel. Im gonna try the mango dressing this morning since I have the ingredients. Thanks for sharing.

  33. you're great don't listen to the others with your show!! love it!! 🙂

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