A French pastry chef puts his own spin on chocolate straws

Amaury Guichon began training at age 16. Now he’s making creative desserts at Jean Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas.


  1. boopity bop says:

    If you came up with the idea on your own, it's 'your' invention.

  2. please tell me that was a pun

  3. Nancy Lopez says:

    Why is insider always so late with these stuff when these is already know to all chef, geese insider try to stay updated

  4. SEX!!!!!

    okay now that I have your attention, have a very nice day!!!

  5. I thought it said "chef puts his own spit on chocolate straws" confused me so hard

  6. Shruti Dash says:

    I love the music more than the video. Can I know which track is this?

  7. George Lin says:

    …That's a very thin straw

  8. Lepidolite says:

    I was expecting crazy chocolate straws

  9. Preet G says:

    Pastry school is super important and serious in France . So much so that there is a Boulangerie – pâtisserie or a Boulangerie or a patisserie . Boulangerie is a baker's . patisserie is a cake shop

  10. Sam Clay says:

    please don't tell me you four disliked the vid

  11. lellitoe says:

    ppl are so talented. and here i am watching youtube videos…

  12. he is definitely not the first person to do this it's not his invention

  13. Dasha says:

    i comented too

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