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Apple and cinnamon milkshake is a health drink recipe as you all know that :An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. When combined with milk is known to overcome acidity problem.

Apple 1 Numbers
Sugar 1 Tablespoons
Cinnamon powder 1/2 Tablespoons
Milk 1 Cup
Icecubes 2 Numbers

1. Remove the peel of apple and cut into pieces.

2. Take the blender jar and add apple, sugar, cinnamon and blend it once.

3. Add milk, ice cubes and blend it again and transfer it into a glass and serve the yummy apple milk shake.


  1. Hi thanks for your recipes. Pls upload shrimp soup recipes too .

  2. Syed Jameel says:

    madam can u tell me what is cinnamon in Hindi pls

  3. kiilu yana says:

    hi can u make videos of your recipe in shorter version. like just the cooking part.

  4. is their boil milk

  5. can we drink in fasting also mam

  6. Nice one. M expecting n dont feel like eating apple at all. But doctor wants me to have apples. So this is the best way I can have apple. Thanks for d simple n easy recipe.

  7. Vimala Naidu says:

    what is cinnamon

  8. Kova Koala says:

    looks incredible
    -love from Norway

  9. Chib Rajput says:


    I have cinnamon sticks only, is it possible to use that somehow?

  10. thanvin g says:

    I love Mr & Mrs vah chef. You both are awesome.

  11. Thank you… Its so, yummy…instead of cinnamon wat we can use,?…plz,, post it

  12. Easyy to makee..
    Thnk you♡♡

  13. Is it pronounced appale ?

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