Bread Pizza Pockets | Snack Recipe For Kids | Pizza Pockets | Yummy Cheese Pizza Pockets


  1. superb n delicious… thnxxxx

  2. Taste delicious I ate all of mine in less than 3minutes

  3. is recipe me bread taza ho ya ek din purani ho ?

  4. mera bohat oily hua….kyu?

  5. looks really tasty.. I'll make it for my daughter:)

  6. XposE says:

    liked it. short n sweet.

  7. Rainbow Gal says:

    but the bread absorb too much oil.. any solution for that??

  8. Wali Khan says:

    agar bread k jaga roll ke Roti ho to sahi rahy ga plz reply

  9. What can I use instead of Red chilly Flakes?

  10. Nina Tokia says:

    The bread sticking part is very tricky u make it look so easy..n also my bread was realy greasy? Is there an alternative base you could recomend? Many thanks 🙂

  11. लाजवाब

  12. Ruch Gupta says:

    lovely n simple recipe! my kids are gonna love it…..wil try tomorrow itself!

  13. zamzam happy says:

    Kk I will try Insha ALLAH

  14. aiza rasul says:

    jb bread ko bailo to wo toot jati ha side sy or phr fold kro tb b

  15. oil is to be kept at medium flame or high flame while frying the pockets..??

  16. i have a question.. do I have to wet the breads before rolling it to flat?

  17. ise oil me kb deep kerte h ?

  18. Fun World says:

    mam agar olive oil na ho tho???

  19. what if the bread tends to break?

  20. if any tried this so plz comment

  21. i love this recipe. i try it in my home.

  22. Hafiz Usman says:

    hmmmmm yami recepi

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