Cheesecake Stuffed Baked French Toast | Episode 1183

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  1. idk says:

    is it okay to use brioche instead?

  2. Roselia says:

    May I know if it's 350 degrees or fahrenheit?

  3. merryme931 says:

    This looks ridiculous. In absolutely the best way.

  4. Jason Mcphee says:

    yummilicious with the warn berries to the top 🙂 say it's ridiculous lol

  5. Is there anything that this lady CAN'T do????? She really is amazing.

  6. i always end up here when I'm hungry

  7. Metro Viral says:

    Aluminum foil lol so cute

  8. every episode she leaves me going crazy wanting her food so badly lol!

  9. jay vitti says:

    OMG Laura you are so incredibly beautiful. You are the perfect woman, a great cook. great personality and drop dead gorgeous.

  10. Hi Laura love the videos. Just FYI "bread" is implied by the word challah so you don't need to say it after 🙂

  11. I knew those breasts were Jewbs. Jewish ladies usually have great boobs.

  12. Beth Gates says:

    Lmbo……. i loge ur expressions lol. I thought I was the only one to say, " Oh mylanta"….. lol. I cant begin to say how amaing this looks

  13. raymen soin says:

    pls mk challah bread video !!

  14. can any bread be used? bastone or baguette, etc?

  15. Spc Bitcoin says:

    Wow Laura you've really outdone yourself!

  16. Zara says:

    Oh my lanta!

  17. millerjoan says:

    That looks sooooo good!!!

  18. keiran bowes says:

    Love these videos. Can anyone tell me why The Vitales yt channel stopped? I loved it.

  19. Hasan A.K says:

    where's your berry spoon Laura?

  20. Clarissa R says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! Perfect for the holidays…yum!

  21. tony b says:

    omg, I was just about to start a diet but saw this and forget about it lol.

  22. IHuntGiants says:

    I don't see a ring in her finger which means there's a chance !

  23. I'm definitely going to make this one day!

  24. Asia C says:

    Looks good. No cinnamon?

  25. Lara Marie says:

    Me: reads the title


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