Chia vs. Flax vs. Hemp. Which seed is better for weight loss?

Nosh + Nourish with holistic nutrition expert Abra Pappa of
Chia/Flax/or Hemp. Which seed is better for weight loss?
Recipe using flax seeds:
Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe:
Granola Recipe:
Chia Lime Refresh Recipe:


  1. Peter Doane says:

    What are your thoughts on basil seeds?

  2. flax seeds kill bad parasites in your body

  3. freedaspeak1 says:

    So where is the chia tapioca recipe?

  4. EricaYE6 says:

    2:10 Why does your hemp seed bag have Rasta colors (red, green and yellow) on them if they don't get you high? Rastafarians are notorious for smoking a lot of weed. Bob Marley practiced that religion. lol

  5. loved tur video. i also give my dog flaxseed and chia seeds daily. i mixed it in with the wet food, water when adding dry food or ill mix it with her raw food with some coconut oil and fermented cod liver oil. healthy. …

  6. I think you could get even more benefits out of the seeds if you soaked them in food grade 1% H2O2 to sprout them, and releasing the enzymes.

  7. CatBornAgain says:

    Flax & Chia need to be Organically grown… Hemp seeds need to be raw, imported from Canada!

  8. Cecilie M says:

    Good information! I use Flax and Chia seeds! So delicious! Never tried Hemp!!

  9. Laura Remen says:


  10. i love hemp products i use hemp lip bailm indian hemp oil for hair and a body moisturizer mixed with some aloe vera and olive oil its amazing for a ton of things

  11. yes I agree with you. You know what you are doing.

  12. chia with coconut oil and dark chocolate. ENERGY and digestive health.

  13. can get ALA from plants. For heart health need DHA and ELA?? not ALA. flax is estrogenic. I eat hemp/flax/chia every day with coconut milk. Weird? not really. No cancer, diabetes, lost 101#.

  14. I make a mean black bean burger with both chia and flax!

  15. Bridgeitta1 says:

    Wow you're very informative thank you!!

  16. Leon h says:

    You seem more tv ready then half the people on yt

  17. I am def get them when I food shop I eat slot of oatmeal so I can add it in there and protein shakes too thanks for this tip

  18. Can I put chia in milk then water ?

  19. CatBornAgain says:

    FLAX as well as CHIA seeds have to be Organically produced, as there are GMO versions.

  20. CatBornAgain says:

    You look like the SLAVIC people or children abducted & sold into "jewish" homes….Predicted in the Bible in Obadiah 10th verse, Zechariah 14:2 and in Isaiah 49th ch. The Romans, Vikings, Turks & Arabs all trafficked us and wanted us for our light coloring and harmonious Caucasian features (EDOM or the modern "jews" with the Khazars who became prozelyted "Jews" around 704 AD) ~ we the real descendants of Jacob, that alit on the Russian Caucasian Mountains first in 745 b.c. and again in early AD when we accepted Christianity…ended up enslaved in Human trafficking over 40 millions in 2.000 yrs.

  21. Krystle 85 says:

    I like adding a tablespoon of flax seed (ground) to my chia seed pudding. 🙂 yum!!

  22. Zara bees says:

    Do you have to soak the chia seeds before you consume them??

  23. Abra P. should see Dr. G of to make presentation with tables and graphs

  24. Abra hi, I have been grinding my Chia seeds , is that good or am I wasting my time. Thanks.

  25. Very informative, going to add to my food !

  26. Sue Donner says:

    When using hemp seeds will it keep me from passing a drug test? They do random drug test at a lot of jobs.

  27. just a fun fact but marijuana is actually not as bad as everybody thinks it is way less addictive than any of the main pain killers like Vicodin and so on and when not abused it has no negative affects on the lungs and no negative effects on your brain( WHEN NOT ABUSED)!!! it has not been proven to cause any cancers and it helps with chronic pain and many cancers. My uncle used to put a tea bag of marijuana in his tea every morning and it helped him with his back pain it lasted longer than Vicodin and was way less addictive and it didnt make him drowsy like most major pain killers. When abusing it (1 or twice a day) it will have long term affects of loss of brain cells.

  28. Rayan Agarm says:

    3:45 error two times weight ,, more like twenty

  29. Rayan Agarm says:

    1:47 not same, related yes

  30. This video was fantastic! I create healthy comfort food on my new YouTube channel. I'd love it if you would look into some of my recipes and share any tips you might have for growing my community…Thanks! 🙂

  31. S K says:

    Flax seed is quite inexpensive – whereas chia and hemp is quite expensive. Another factor to consider.

  32. do the seeds have to be organic or can I buy any kind?

  33. I'm a flax & chia fanatic, though I read several places that those with pcos shouldn't consume a bunch of flax. I've mentioned it to the specialist who keeps track of mah lady issues, and I don't know if it's that it's just really not THAT big of a deal, or if the benefits of flax outweigh any potential risks, at least on my case. I started looking into good sources of 3, 6, & 9's after, of all silly things, my dogs' vet mentioned adding a 3, 6, & 9 supplement to one of our arthritic dog's meals. I asked her how it would help, she explained the anti-inflammatory help it could offer, and I joked that maybe I should take it for my hip dysplasia. She laughed and said that she actually does recommend it to all of her animal patients who have hip dysplasia! I take a combo 2x a day (fish flax & borage), and I supplement my daily food with flax and chia seed where I think I can fit it in. I like white chia the best, as it kinda becomes invisible in my morning steelcut oats & quinoa hot cereal, and I stir in ground flax, too. I also just wrote a really great recipe for honeyed nut & seed bars (they're seriously amazing), and they contain a healthy dose of chia & flax, too. I haven't done a LOT of investigation on hemp, but I've heard others mention the creaminess it's able to impart. When you reference hemp in your videos, do you mean hemp hearts? That's what I always seem to see in stores. I think it'd be a great idea to start carrying some flax & chia in my bag (I love both on salads), and I may have to add hemp to them, too!

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