Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe ! – Super Fudge Cake recipe

Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe !
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One bite and you will fall in love with this super fudge cake ! It’s super moist and super fudgy in texture. It’s an Australian mud cake, but in simple terms it’s a fudge brownie type cake. It’s dense like a fudge brownie, dark and delicious but it’s also super moist and tall like a chocolate cake.

I cover the chocolate mud cake with a delicious dark chocolate butter ganache which is amazing. The recipe for that is below.
Dark Chocolate Butter Ganache Recipe:

This cake is easy to make, so I hope you try it out !

BAKING PAN Dimensions:
8 inches diameter / 20 cm diameter
3-1/2 inches high / 9 cm high


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Dark Chocolate Butter Ganache Recipe:


  1. where can I find the printable recipe

  2. kaur Angel says:

    nice cake in the whole you tube channel

  3. netra more says:

    Instead of butter Can I take oil and what quantity 🙂

  4. SPEEDY BEEDY says:

    I have a question regarding this cake. It is a beautiful cake and converts so well to gluten free baking, but I am getting a really hard crust on the top of my cake. How can I prevent this? Thanks.

  5. Thanks a lot for such a delicious and cute cake.

  6. I know what I'm making this weekend for my sisters birthday! She LOVES chocolate cake ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Hey! I wanna try this out, but I really don't like the coffee flavor, can I leave it out, please reply

  8. Fataz Khan says:

    I make ur recipe 15 times owsome thanks

  9. allah allah says:

    You are most well come

  10. juhtey says:

    Nice recipe! Loved the friendly and positive atmosphere!

  11. I made this twice. Came out awesome. Jyst wondering if i wanted to do this as mud cupcakes how long would i let this stay in the oven?

  12. selly zhen says:

    can i cut the recipe in half ? if yes , how long should i leave it in the oven?

  13. Arun Shaw says:

    relly very good and easy recipe

  14. woww its very tasty

  15. Joan Gomez says:

    Can I substitute dark with white chocolate to make it a white chocolate mudcake?

  16. Aasia Ata says:

    Mashallah I made this same like you it's so yummybsir

  17. farah tasnim says:

    Hey should I follow the same steps to cook on microwave and for how long will I keep it?

  18. I guess am loving the art though it makes me hungry I will have to make them to

  19. The vegan recipes are indeed very helpful to me.. 😉
    Thanks a lot 😉

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