Fast Raw Food Kale Chips Recipes For “On The Road”
Just made these simple raw food recipes for our kids.
Wanted to share it with you guys!

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Finally A Recipe Book With Delicious And Quick-To-Make, Nutrition Loaded Recipes (ALSO For Kids…)


  1. Raw Power says:

    not raw and not healthy.

  2. muneerah ali says:

    I LOVE your family!

  3. Aaron Morgan says:

    Hey sundance family! I would love to know your take on good baby carriers and cloth diapers. Also what is your take on pacifiers. Just really interested in your baby routines since you have so many healthy happy kids! Love you much !

  4. icke11234 says:

    Danke für das Rezept, werd's mal ausprobieren. Die Kleine ist ja wirklich ein schnuckliger Charmebolzen 🙂

  5. looking forward to the vlog videos

  6. When you say our lady brought coconut water and made green juice, who is the lady you are referring to?

  7. ImSody says:

    Your kids look so happy! <3

  8. Yum will be trying this!

  9. Nicky says:

    So amazing how you make it work eating so well with all the kids!

  10. JobbaMoscha says:

    hehe Jaro seems to have a little food fetish going on : )

  11. OMG, what a great father! Happy, happy kids and of course wife.

  12. Silent Chef says:

    Liebe,Kinder,Musik,gutes Essen und was braucht man noch zum Leben? Nothing!

  13. jubee boobie says:

    is "lady" katie?

  14. BlackCat2 says:

    I have never had Kale chips but I think Macadamia nuts are the best. 😀

    – Heidi

  15. sandra klos says:

    Love that baby sooooooo cute

  16. Vianey Polo says:

    I'm in love all over again 🙂 you all are such beauties!

  17. Es ist schön mal so richtig zu sehen wie ihr lebt! 🙂 und keine sorge ka – benni ist ein guter Kameramann 😉

  18. Ka, can you give us the amounts of the individual ingredients for the kale chips?

  19. Dsundival says:

    I am getting there.

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