Fried Chicken Pie – Handle It

All of the southern comfort you need directly into your pie-hole.

Thanks to Hormel for bringing the bacon!

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Friend Chicken Pie – Handle It


  1. papagans says:

    Not-mike is easily the luckiest member of your crew

  2. Dro4Eva says:

    who the fuck are these two fucking faggots tickling each others buttholes?
    with those trash fucking punchlines so called jokes? get the fuck outta
    here with this bullshit wheres the big homy, jesus im gonna fkin scratch my
    eyes out after seeing this shit

  3. ftgv1 says:

    byah byah byah

  4. MYSTICps says:

    okay i get some hosts want o move on but these guys are trying way to hard
    to fit in with the old guys

  5. Joe Mazzola says:

    Looks mad tasty, want to try this out myself since it’s getting chilly out

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