Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch

We’ve pieced together some of our favourite recipes from the channel into one Back to School special – tell us below what your perfect school lunch is?

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  1. wow i don't even put this much time into breakfast and its my fav

  2. Fandom Trash says:

    That cat is adorable

  3. i got a ad for his master class. xD

  4. Maison Cooks says:

    I'm nine years old and I can make steak, sushi, chili, ramen, and other stuff. And all from Scratch

  5. Katana Lady says:

    3:18 the potato dough is a good boy

  6. Guy Fieri says:

    Ernie you cockwhore

  7. Seagh says:

    May as well take a fucking Christmas Dinner to school.

  8. Seagh says:

    Not here for the food, here for Gordon. Well it's quite satisfying to watch but fuck me I'm hungry.

  9. How can I cook all of this when all I can do is toast bread?

  10. Dani Phantom says:

    I love this man, he's the Bob Ross of cooking when he isn't cussing people out

  11. Hethrus says:

    Did he just make a fucking potato sandwich?

  12. Damn and I used to grab a hotdog and a piece of bread

  13. Fzo-B says:

    That is like Mexican food

  14. Ethan Randel says:

    weird that I don't cook but I stay up all freaking night watching his videos

  15. I don't think my mom will cook this stuff at 6 in the morning

  16. Hellica says:

    I don't even have lunch when I was at school.

  17. Flash Drive says:

    This reminds me of my grandmother's cooking. She liked to put homemade applesauce (hot or cold) over her potato cakes.

  18. sarita says:

    and I can barely make a sandwich

  19. Wild Ting says:

    His cat is so cute I did not know he have a cute cat !!

  20. Kelsey says:

    Gordon "never slice at an angle"
    Me: well shit, that's my favorite way to slice

  21. KBT19X says:

    I want to see gordan Ramsay style sloopy Joe my favorite

  22. jay yu says:

    i'm going to turn these beans into…………..glamorous beans!

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