Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 577

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  1. Lenny F says:

    4:50 wow, “really good eggs” what a concept.

  2. Lenny F says:

    4:06 some people actually like the smell of feet.

  3. Malisa Rai says:

    looks amazingly delicious, will definitely try it !!

  4. EmLeeBee1 says:

    omg girl looks amazing!

  5. Instead of balsamic vinegar could I use red wine vinegar it's all I have on hand

  6. sonic20681 says:


  7. your recipes are amazing!!

  8. Kayode says:

    i cried when you cut the chicken there was no struggling

  9. PokerQueen87 says:

    5-6 minutes on each side seems a lot especially because they are thin

  10. EL EVO says:

    Nice, just made it yesterday, It was Goooood :o)

    I tried grating the Garlic like you said, but most of the Garlic gets stuck in the grate and Fingers/Nail's can get scraped up :o/ So i used a Garlic Crusher/Press I double Crushed the Garlic and it was like a creamy garlic spread. Thanks for the Video :o)

  11. g3rbl says:

    I love this chick.. Bout to make this

  12. john smith says:

    you should always lay meat in the pan going away from you.

  13. Maja Sikora says:

    made it today, absolutely delicious. Would never think to put a boiled egg in caesar salad but it works.

  14. Lightwind says:

    I like cold chicken too so its not weird 😀

  15. Can you show us a southwest salad recipe? I love your channel!

  16. Renata Russo says:

    I feel that advertising disguised on the video.

  17. she looks soooo cute wen she does that weirddd 'ae' at 1 minute 20 seconds

  18. nay na says:

    really its delicious…..i tried…..

  19. hi, it looks delicious but i didnt exactly get all the ingredients..wt did u use just with rosemery? it will be great if u share the ingredients name wrriten in ur video..cheers

  20. Nosebush says:

    Nobody actually comes here to watch recipes. >:D


  22. Lydia R says:

    I really need to stop watching these videos at night 🙁

  23. MsQweens says:

    The chicken came out sooooo delicious , like never before ! Thank you !

  24. beami beep says:

    I love it thnks

  25. Laura what brand name is your anchovy paste ?

  26. Cathy Cutler says:

    Laura, you look pretty and healthy with your tan.

  27. Helen D says:

    I love cold chicken in the refrigerator too 😉

  28. Josh Valero says:

    Ya'll need to watch this on .5X speed! It is hilarious!!!! She sounds so drunk!!! 🙂

  29. instead of balsamic vinegar, can it be substituted with something else or can it be home made?

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