Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Acai Bowl Recipe

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I’ve been experimenting with acai bowls lately and have been loving all the fun combinations you can make with them. Find out how to make these fun high in antioxidant breakfast smoothie bowls.

My Vitamix Blender:
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I use the Professional Series 500 blender which has 3 different settings for smoothies, hot soups and frozen desserts!


1 frozen unsweetened acai puree package (I used Acai Roots)
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 medjool date
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

granola (Heres my homemade one:
goji berries
bee pollen
chia seeds

Tarte Makeup Haul:

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  1. "De-thaw"? You mean freeze it?

  2. Norah Murphy says:

    how do you make it into a thick consistency? I tried making an acai bowl and the texture turned out to be soup like:(((

  3. Efi says:

    I like this recipe so much 🙂
    I add peanut butter into the mix, and peanut butter & strawberry as topping

  4. elisabeth973 says:

    Bon petit déjeuner

  5. Jenny Duvall says:

    Where can u buy frozen available Walmart doesn't carry it.

  6. it cost me $43 to make this. I'm going to McDonald's from now on.

  7. BEY CHANNEL says:

    Wow …. this looks great & so tastefull !!!

  8. i feel like this has to be like 1000 calories

  9. This is probably a weird question, but where did you get your bowl from? It's so pretty! lol

  10. Lia Rey says:

    Can I use raisins instead of dates?

  11. bobolatrick says:

    This looks so good and I'm so hungry ugh

  12. Where can i find açaí ?

  13. Jair Garcia says:

    Can I use regular milk instead ?

  14. do you need to use the acai puree? I can't find it anywhere to buy and am from the UK x

  15. Açaí is my favorite food ever!!!!

  16. Chaiimae Sa says:

    pleaaase where can i find the acai roots smoothie that you used ????

  17. Travis G says:

    Directions unclear: Dick stuck in blender.

  18. Is there an alternative option to banana's? I love banana's but they make me ill, I'm a little allergic.

  19. This is my daily breakfast! but it's so expensive out there, so I'm going to start making my own now! thanks!

  20. Wait, what happen if I don't use the thing that wasn't fruit and was purple? I don't remember the name

  21. Where do you get the acai mix that is frozen?

  22. looks so good! but what are the quantities of the toppings?? and is the recipe for one serving? 🙂

  23. where do you buy all the ingredients?

  24. Dollyex says:

    at what speed should i blend it?

  25. King Chao says:

    Why did mine turn jnto a smoothie

  26. AlmightyAmy says:

    I did it wrong it turned into a
    Smoothie oops

  27. If I'm worried about sugars(due to needing to lose a bit of weight), is this still ok? I know it's natural sugars, but still….can someone help me?

  28. Lol @ de-thaw. I said that once and my hubby never let me live it down.

  29. Naz says:

    Please use non-Israeli medjoul dates please. Be ethical.

  30. Katiabulks says:

    The way you pronounce acai wrong bugs me haha

  31. Fiona Raven says:

    can you make a video about easy and healthy school lunch ideas?

  32. I want to bring this to work for lunch! Would this melt in a fridge? I'm worried about the consistency.

  33. Luci Bray says:

    So nice and purple!!!!!

  34. EmmaRose345 says:

    what brand of granola is that?

  35. Can you use acai powder?

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