Homemade Green Goddess Salad Dressing Recipe and HOW TO SERVE The Best Layered Chicken Salad

Carolyn’s Green Goddess Salad Dressing RECIPE LINK | http://bit.ly/2uWRNBk

The BEST Layered Chicken Salad VIDEO LINK | https://youtu.be/hJ8ERK7Lqoo

The BEST Layered Chicken Salad RECIPE LINK | http://bit.ly/2sUNhpF
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  1. I love your video's so much u explain everything so well thx!

  2. Jayden BOGER says:

    Gurl i missed your videos so much. thanks for coming back

  3. oomybeauty says:

    Yum!! Can't wait to try this!!

  4. Elaine Bines says:

    I'm getting so many compliments on my cooking since watching you – i may let them in on my secret

  5. what is the best way to make caesar salad dressing

  6. I loved that you said to vegan people lol.

  7. Marnice Wade says:

    It's about time somebody made this dressing from scratch.  In the supermarket, Kraft is the only green goddess you will find and it tastes bland…..thanks Carolyn!!!

  8. dtaylor333 says:

    BTW can I sub yogurt for mayo. Just kind of think mayonnaise is evil…

  9. dtaylor333 says:

    that dressing looks so good it is almost sexual

  10. Water Sniper says:

    Oh my gosh..that salad dressing and salad looks AMAZING !

  11. I'm so glad I found you! You explain things so well, and address your fans questions. Loved both of these recipes.

  12. Awabia Belle says:

    It looks sooooo gooooood!! Lol

  13. I'm so glad I found your channel. I can't stop watching! You are amazing, God bless.

  14. no anchovies any other alternative

  15. could you show us how to make Jambalaya

  16. Love it,this looks way better then ranch!:) <3

  17. ate green goddess dressing when we were kids. Wedge salad! ! Loved it. Going to make it with your layered salad. hugs and kisses

  18. L D. says:

    I LOVE Anchovies! This looks great!

  19. Am I the only one to like the video, before watching? That's how confident I am knowing that anything that Carolyn post, is going to be good!❤️

  20. Carolyn this dressing looks absolutely yummy….I'm going to give it a try.

  21. Carolyn that look so delicious

  22. hi Carolyn could you do a video on making good party wings

  23. rozozzy says:

    I love this dressing still!! had it a lot as a kid..

  24. Yummy Salad Dressing Girlfriend…Love the Idea adding Anchovies for Flavor.

  25. Hi, Carolyn. Your salad dressing looks simply gorgeous.

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