Homemade Pigs in a Blanket – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 517

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  1. Eric Joseph says:

    Oh this is what Black Lives Matters keep talking about!

  2. erm these are sausage roles. pigs in blankets are cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon

  3. Rose Xo says:

    Sausage rolls are way better!

  4. she uses a pizza cutter straight on her counter…

  5. I love you more than every other chef

  6. Nice recipe I love you vitale

  7. SuckMeOffPvP says:

    what does the egg wash do?

  8. itsmegp46 says:

    I could eat the entire tray.

  9. In England, those are called sausage rolls, a great snack food, pigs in a blanket is bacon wrapped round sausages, usualy at xmas. Many thanks for great show.

  10. mike doyle says:

    did you cut a hot dog

  11. hi Laura. do you fry/cook the sausage first before you put it into the pastry? (sorry. i dont really know whether the sausage we normally bought in the supermarket is cooked or half-cooked). thanks+

  12. Laura.. I love you! I can cook now.

  13. Poff peinstry? Wtf is that?

  14. Peter Chiang says:

    it is not mini dogs

  15. Olga Murray says:

    Laura, i love all your recipes,they are so yummy :D. I am planning to offer these pig on a blanket in my granddaughter's birthday party, Can you make a dipping sauce that goes good with them?.. Thank you very much for your help.

  16. where do you buy the mini hot dogs?

  17. Could you skip the mustard?

  18. Jamie Vue says:

    have you ever tried using your croissant recipe to make this?

  19. Try a variation for the Dijon if you prefer Sweet Hot.   It's Booyah Licious Sweet Hot "Dog" Relish!  It is crazy on all of your favorite foods.

  20. What can I use as a mustard replacement?

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