How To Cook Perfect Quinoa | Healthy Tip Tuesday

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Quinoa is such a versatile “grain-like” food that you can eat cold, hot, sweet or savoury. Its gluten free and super easy to cook 🙂


1 cup washed quinoa
2 cups filtered water
1 tbsp coconut or sesame oil
1 tsp turmeric
pinch of salt and pepper to taste

Follow directions in video for perfect quinoa every time!

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  1. Jason Playz says:

    i came and heard about this cuz if family guy, like if u did too

  2. Alcid008 says:

    Oh, I lost my power of telepathy, and I can't read you mind. You know like how much water and Quinoa you used.

  3. after rinsing my quinoa I had some change in plans and ended not cooking them.. the problem is, after one day of rinsing it started sprouting.. what can I do now? is my quinoa ruined or I can use it in a recipe?

  4. This was not useful, she gave no measurements

  5. I hate when they don't say how much water. I need exact measurements

  6. Raj Tiwari says:


  7. Lupe Salazar says:

    why would you not just put the ratio of ingredients, and how long to cook it. waste of time video

  8. opannefrank says:

    OMG this is the same music used in that perverted Toy Family channel.

  9. do you let the quinoa dry after rinsing before cooking? you said to mix the oil in and sort of toast it for a bit but that would be hard wet?

  10. yourtub says:

    i soak it in my own urine then eat it raw delicious

  11. for Quinoa call 9911105563

  12. Some good tasty food like this needs some brutal death metal!!!! Technical death metal if vegan!!!!

  13. Khaled Jb says:

    How long do you have to keep the quinoa boiling at a high heat before you reduce it to low? Thanks for the vid.

  14. Mars Violet says:

    Rinsing the quinoa like that could not only leave some of that coating on, but waste water. It's best if you just wash it in a bowl and throw out the water.

  15. Omg I love how HowToBasic used that generic whistling music they all use

  16. Omg! Thank you so much! It was delicious! FYI It is the first time that I cook. ❤️❤️❤️

  17. skylabx2000 says:

    the most important part about cooking it is the water ratio because that is where people mess up & have it finishing up looking like porridge

  18. Alice Cross says:

    Thank you so much! This turned out really good.

  19. "you're gonna wanna.." you can "go ahead"

  20. Johnny Mao says:

    how long can you store quinoa in fridge before it goes bad?

  21. how many cups of water for cooking one cup of Quinoa????

  22. Alexander jr says:

    Thank you for posting .. now I know what to do ..cheers

  23. Jaye Natalie says:

    Why filtered water?

  24. Jaye Natalie says:

    I'm going to be making 1 chicken breast with broccoli and quinoa, how much quinoa should I use per serving? I have no idea. Thank you 🙂

  25. cyjo7818 says:

    the music makes me vommiting

  26. Did you mean to say turmeric instead of cumin?

  27. Um Ibrahim says:

    Amazing I love it ❤

  28. Ruth Morgan says:

    like rice but you have it rinse.

  29. melodic713 says:

    you didn't mention your quinoa to
    water ratio

  30. lost619 says:

    Cooks a little like rissoto?

  31. right how much water duh

  32. holysoldier7 says:

    No measurement on water or how much of anything wtf what a modern day einstein

  33. how much water to quinua?! duh.

  34. Victor says:

    Deserves a thumbs up

  35. NEO says:

    Good job!!

  36. Ullimately says:

    And you love to be a chatterbox….come to the point instead of rattling on and on about a turmeric brand nobody knows. It doesnt help. Just try not to be a chatterbox .

  37. I made a perfect pot, just as you instructed! Thank you so much!

  38. Fa11n1 says:

    I added egg whites just now and it tastes awesome!!!

  39. love it.. but why you yanks say "you're gonna wanna go ahead" so much….? just asking..

  40. Hector V says:

    Cool I liked the video

  41. Bex Navarro says:

    Love this recipe so easy and flavorful

  42. Lisa L says:

    I like your cooking idea! I have a question: where did you get your quinoa and coriander? When I wash mine, half are fall through my coriander.

  43. how many calories total

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