How to Make a Banana Smoothie – Easy Banana Smoothie Recipe

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  1. i like to add ice to the blender

  2. I tried this: i added Strawberry yogurt lol it still tastes amazing!

  3. cinnamon

  4. please make a jack fruit smoothie

  5. Easy to do! I'm glad that I found your channel. Thank you ! 🙂

  6. The orange & banana taste like mango

  7. Melissa Gil says:

    BANNANAS !!!!!

  8. a garcia says:

    Great video !

  9. Bilal Rahman says:

    how is this a banana smoothie if you going to add other fruits.

  10. Can you add some kiwi

  11. Crend says:

    how much minutes should i let it on blender?

  12. banana and dragon fruit

  13. can I use milk instead of milk?

  14. Sara's Life says:

    U can also add apples with no skin

  15. i love to see this it really help me

  16. seems like vanilla yogurt might work better.

  17. Thank you my smoothie's are delucius

  18. Emmie 133 says:

    OMG I made it with extra bananas cuz I didn't have any dairy products and I put half and orange blueberries ice water the blueberries were frozen and there were some blueberries and it wasn't yellow the color of blueberries but it tasted just like a banana smoothie like that's always the bananas were overpowering and it was so good thank you you inspired me to make the smoothie

  19. Dohwan Kim says:

    Put a little umbrella

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