How to Make a Delicious Fruit Smoothie

Check out this fascinating movie called World of Color!


  1. Itz Revy says:

    where is your yogurt and it doesn't look so good tbh

  2. heck i couldn even tell all the ingredients

  3. Rich White says:

    buy a ninja lol

  4. sam7748 says:

    Total dork 🙂

  5. khloe lowery says:


  6. Sierra Bird says:


  7. nice i learned much from it.

  8. Darth jawa says:

    that looks good

  9. eleggance says:

    you are such a moron

  10. Capt. Grumpy says:

    Put milk on your smoothie dude so it will be yummy

  11. You copied my video

  12. niyoow cade says:

    but it's ok beginning right….Not so bad

  13. niyoow cade says:

    did u really washed the fruits

  14. Nephi Marya says:

    He is a cute puppy

  15. hysteria ar says:

    I know you're an idiot Jeff just by looking at your face.
    But didn't expect your retardness showing in your video. First time I see an idiot put ice before fruits, that's quite amusing actually how you're struggling with your idiocy.

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