How to Make Easy Puff Pastry Recipe – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 15


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Hi Bold Bakers! Pastry making is Baking 101 so that’s why this long-awaited Bold Baking Basics recipe is so important. I’m sharing my mum’s easy, shortcut recipe to help you make the best, flakiest puff pastry you’ll ever taste. So let’s get baking!

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  1. Can I reolace the wrapped plastic? I don't like using plastic

  2. Beccas Bunny says:

    grating the frozen butter is now my secret to the best biscuits been using this tip since she posted this video last year!

  3. hi gemma! will it be ok if i dont put lemon juice?

  4. darienandmee says:

    Hi Gemma, can I use this for Cheese and onion pasties or steak bake like Gregg's in UK?
    Thank you very mich!!

  5. When you said "oldschool", I immediately thought "bold school". Anyone else?

  6. lindsey 96 says:

    does this patry recipe same with the pastry used in portugese tart ?

  7. Why is it look like she gonna attack the camera man when she talking ?

  8. Caisha Ali says:

    Hi, I tried to follow everything on your 2 videos but when I cooked my pastry it did not turn out puffy. Could you advice me on what I did wrong. I notice when I was rolling out the pastry for baking, the butter on my dough was not visible as on your dough from the other video.

  9. Demi Wood says:

    Can we use this recipe to make sweet pop tarts too?

  10. Rakzzz says:

    What if my butter is brought in a container and quite soft to the point is hard to grate .

  11. Can I make Empanadas with this?

  12. Just Nijaiah says:

    Is it okay if the seeds from the lemon go in the water then into the dry ingredients?

  13. Dakoa Hammer says:

    what is your Instagram

  14. caisha ali says:

    I tried follow all the instructions but my pastry did not turn out to puff. can you please tell what did I do wrong. Thanks

  15. What are the measurements?

  16. GenieKR says:

    I just discovered your channel and am completely binge watching. I can't get enough!! I love how you explain the science behind it, and in a simple way, and the things I've seen you make on your other episodes too – WOW!!! I'm trying to lose weight but I don't know how I'm ever going to do it because there's no way I can't NOT make all this stuff!! 🙂 Keep up the great work. All of your videos line the right hand column of my screen right now and I'm so stoked to just sit and watch magic happen.

  17. I wish 2 million subscribers

  18. busher, washer, grasher? I'm lost.

  19. Cj Quizon says:

    What will happen if the pastry is wet after i froze them

  20. Hi gemma great recipe saved my life I was following my nanas cook book she gave me before she does she brought this cook book when she was 20 years old lived until 99 you can imagine how old it is but it's my childhood memory of her wonderful cooking . well I tried to make the puff pastry from her book my kitchen was a mess I had butter in my hair all over my work counter and a semi oval shape mess .. I've made yours today perfect my fear of pastry has be restored Thank you so much

  21. grashe the busher in the grasher

  22. dont you think we have to fold and roll at least four times to get lovely layers? thats how puff pastry is made right but still the tip about the lemon juice was good . i tried it my baked good was wonderfully moist but i also folded the dough to get lots of layers

  23. I love yr accent and simple ideas gonna try it out in a few…..

  24. mesweetzy says:

    Hi Gemma! i really love your channel. Tried a few recipes of yours already. However, still fail to make this dough. If only i can show my result so that u can tell me whats wrong with it. Can i?

  25. Zainab AHMAD says:

    gemma can you use lime juice instead of lemon juice

  26. I'm a professional chef and I love your channel my kids like you too

  27. hi gemma, can I use this puff pastry for making palmiers ?

  28. Can u plzzz tell us the amount of ingrediants u used

  29. can't u just grate

  30. This is a great recipe! I succeeded at first attempt, so I think anyone can make it! Thank you for sharing, Gemma!

  31. hi Gemma can u plz make a video on how to make chicken puffs

  32. do you knead it after the dough come up together?

  33. Could you make croissants with this pastry?

  34. ezilu says:

    Funny, this is how I make pie dough~

  35. Im a fan from the Philippines, I want to know if the butter you use is salted or unsalted? and can I skip the lemon thing? we dont always have it here in my place..

  36. Nunie Noonz says:

    Why does Irish accents pronounce t's as ch like butter vs bucher

  37. Gemma you're a real GEM!

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