How To Make Hemp Milk in Less Than Three Minutes

Hemp milk is so easy to make. Plus it’s delicious and nutritious. In about three minutes you can make your own fresh hemp milk. Try it! You’ll like it. For more easy and healthy recipes as well as inspiration to live a long and happy life, visit and get a free ebook while you’re there.


  1. some raw hemp milk is some of the most healthiest things someone can ingest…..

  2. iblis khan says:

    how long do you soak the dates?

  3. Buk Lau says:

    2:09 plop…………plop

  4. LeftEyeofRa says:


  5. PROJECT DX says:

    Awesome nutrition in hemp seeds. Along with Spirulina the most nitritionaly dense plant food on earth. Ive been making HEMP MILK for years. It has more protein than Almond Or Rice milk. Aswell as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and other nutrients. Its the best milk you can drink PERIOD.

  6. so u can freeze it an than use later

  7. what do u with seeds u have in bag

  8. good recipe ihave no cheese cloth or nut bag iwill need that

  9. My doesn't go that fast

  10. I make my own yogurt. I wonder if I could use this instead of full fat milk ?

  11. Dumb Freddy says:

    cod u go any slower ???!!!!

  12. lildeb World says:

    It's very yummy. I never strain it though.. I add it to my oatmeal

  13. Can the seeds that you strained out just be left in? Isn't that just solid protein that you are removing? You don't have shells in there, so it's just the seed protein. Are you just trying to avoid the grit or solids in the milk?

  14. Ryan Johnson says:

    What if you don't strain it? Will it be really clumpy? I want to keep the hemp seeds to get all the protein

  15. Lisa Gossett says:

    I am so excited to try this out. I have had your recipe written down for a while now, and we just got a ninja professional so i am over the moon excited to make my son his milk instead of spending 100s on pacific brand! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Adam J says:

    amazing! thanks

  17. Hi Katrina, Where did you buy you beautiful pottery pitcher?
    Thank you for sharing your recipe, I am looking forward to trying it out.

  18. chris j says:

    It's disgraceful that we here in Australia are prohibited from making hemfood stuffs.

  19. 이정은 says:

    Thanks, I got hemp seeds. Do I have to squeeze it???

  20. What can you do with the pulp/shells after? Don't want them to go to waste…

  21. could you give a price (aprox) difference between homemade and store bought please? I have been drinking soymilk in my coffee for the last two years and until today nothing compares but there is a huge difference in cost. I would love to switch thanks to your tutorial

  22. Hemp milk is the MOST delicious to me. I've bought many different types of milk and Hemp is the best to me. Until recently, I was buying aprox $150.00 a month of 'Pacific' brand Hemp milk every month. I used Hemp in my smoothies, gulp it down after meals, use it in my Zen Chocolate Pudding, etc., instead of heavy cream, and more. (What a dodo bird I am. I could have been making my own hemp milk!)

    And then I found that out that the sweetener "Brown Rice Syrup," that Pacific uses is known to have disturbingly high arsenic levels and is used in many organic foods as well. The "unsweetened" hemp has no Brown Rice Syrup but uses Carrageenan, a known carcinogenic.

    Pacific also uses "Xanthan gum" a nefarious bacteria and is used by oil drillers. Yikes! These companies ruin superfoods with horrible ingredients that have no nutritional value and get away with doing this to the public; all approved by the USDA.

    I buy my hemp seeds from Mike Adams, editor of Everything that Mike Adams sells undergoes purity testing in his own internationally accredited laboratory. No heavy metals, chemicals, glysphosate, sewage, etc., that even many organic brands are contaminated with.

    Thank you for making this video!

  23. Aa We says:


  24. XTRABIG says:

    can the leftover seeds in the nutbag be reused?

  25. FelixDied says:

    that "nut milk bag" is called a cheesecloth

  26. FelixDied says:

    did disney make your intro?

  27. Sai Sai says:

    Where can we get Nut milk Bag ???

  28. can you make cofee with this

  29. After using the Nut many cups of Milk did you get back?

  30. Cheesiest intro to a channel…. ever.

    Great video though thanks! 🙂

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