How to make Keventers Oreo Shake?,Perfect Homemade Oreo Shake Recipe

Oreo shake should be made without the use of the cream in oreo because the cream in oreo gives bad taste to the shake .This is the most important tip while making the prefect oreo shake.

Recipe and Ingredients for the perfect oreo shake:

6 pc oreo {without cream}
2 tsp chocolate sauce
1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream
1/2 Cup of Full Cream Milk

Add all the above Ingredients to the blender and Volla your oreo shake is ready.
Oreo Shake is full of creaminess and helps in giving you the satisfaction of the sugar rush in your body.

Best Oreo shake recipe for the youtube and for all the foodies.


  1. Mad Maddy says:

    I made it without vanilla ice cream!
    was nice

  2. Роман says:

    подпишись на мой канал а я на твой

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