Macaroni and cheese is a super simple and easy lazy meal that anyone can make and tastes great as well.


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200g macaroni
50g butter
2 tbs plain flour
1 1/2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese


  1. Did you know i have a Facebook page where i interact with you all and love seeing your cooking photos?

  2. Measurements Pleeeease?

  3. Gami154 says:

    nice.. now i know how to make macaroni without burning the house down like last time

  4. Crystal MSP says:

    Even though there are a lot of people that turned out bad with them, My mom was like ' I got this, but wtf is he putting in the Macaroni?'

  5. I already know how to make it. It's just been a very long time so I forgot the how much flour and milk I should put in place help.

  6. vahideh alem says:

    I'm making it today with the same things you done

  7. Can we use mozerellla cheese instead of cheddar cheese??? Reply ASAP

  8. Veena Setia says:

    Which flour have mix with

  9. John Ball says:

    zoom in a little bit more

  10. Lucy Star says:

    Can you use aelf rasing flower

  11. C E says:

    What kind of cheese is best for this recipe

  12. Ammon Phipps says:

    I did something wrong and the cheese clumped up.. what happened it's so gross

  13. Tori says:

    Mix flour with milk in a cup before mixing it with hot butter 🙂

  14. Devon Hall says:

    Awesome dude love your channel. Your a happy dude and that makes the video better

  15. Sayl Ala says:

    en la bechamel española es primero la harina y no la leche

  16. apett says:

    1 1/2cheese how many in grams?

  17. What type of cheese did u use

  18. Zedd1500 says:

    Delicious! Thanks!

  19. AdriMB86 says:

    I tried this recipe and adding nutmeg improves it a lot 😀

  20. Can I make it with parmesan cheese?

  21. T H O M A S J E F F E R S O N

  22. What flour did you use 🙂

  23. If you want ask me questions I'll reply!

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