How to Make Pizza Dough at Home | The New York Times

Anthony Falco of Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn, teaches Sam Sifton how to make restaurant-style pizza dough at home.

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You ever wonder how to make pizza dough? We show you how with this pizza dough recipe tutorial.

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How to Make Pizza Dough at Home | The New York Times


  1. bob jesse says:

    Worthless video…just as bad as the NYT

  2. Simon B says:

    Please can you give the weights/ measurements for all the ingredients?

  3. I don't have 24 hours and you don't have any measurements

  4. Jason Cawley says:

    This would be better with measurements and instructions and do you have to put in the fridge for twenty four hours.

  5. Timmy Floin says:

    "little hot….really good" ….."little hot…..really good"

  6. Lalalala pizza look a pizza I'm 12

  7. Angel Smith says:

    this is new slime lol

  8. David Payne says:

    Worst description on how to make something I've ever come across.

  9. Ugly, halfassed-pizza…

  10. citizentuck says:

    Why do people associate the Mario Bros. With pizza lol

  11. Ray Trevino says:

    What morons would post a receipe with most important things such as measurements and cooking time and temperature?

  12. the dough will not maintain its shape ,it keeps drawing back to the center . What am I doing wrong ? its very elastic .

  13. 0:19 "Double-zero flour"….not even 20 seconds in and already an ingredient I doubt I'll be able to find…

  14. Aiesha Green says:

    That's nasty mixing with your hand and hopefully you washed them hands BOIIIIIIIIIIIII

  15. if you don't have a peel take a folded up cardboard box and cover with aluminum foil. you're welcome!

  16. Ryan Syn says:

    A L i t t l e M a r i o B r o t h e r s T h e r e

  17. MyREDTAIL says:

    FORGETABOUTIT Brooklyn is the Place for the Best Sicilian Pizza, Bar None.

  18. juan Carlos says:

    That is one ugly pizza

  19. wilbforce says:

    This recipe doesn't work, it's so wet by comparison to the video. Don't waste your time.

  20. very far from the real italian pizza! watch my video

  21. I used to happen to see those really interesting NYT short doc videos on JetBlue PlusTV every time I'm on a flight to Florida (didn't see this one on a flight but sure looks tasty). Now they're replaced by short docs from The Wall Street Journal, in which the move is probably isn't as good as NYT, but still ok.

  22. This is your baby. You've spent 24h making it.

  23. carakara says:

    If the producer of this video knew going into the shoot that this segment is called "How to Make Pizza Dough at Home," then they need to never be hired to produce or direct another segment again. Because there is was no "how" in here. But, if they were just told to show a Bushwick hipster making pizza, then the person who decided to call this segment "How to Make Pizza Dough at Home" needs to never be hired to title segments again. I learned more about the world in the two minutes I spent writing this than I learned about how to make a pizza dough.

  24. Estel Koole says:

    sam sifton on the right talks like donald trump

  25. rpm773 says:

    He forgot to stuff the crust with jalapeno bacon cheese

  26. Alexio Mate says:

    Useless video, if you want to make pizza dough, you can't get there by this video.

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