How to Make Puff Pastry Appetizer – Mushroom Party Appetizers | Hilah Cooking

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Make these easy puff pastry appetizers filled with mushrooms, herbs, shallots, and cream cheese. These puffs are perfect for entertaining! Mushroom Puff Pastry appetizer recipe at
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  1. You don't have to go to "culinary school" to understand French pronunciation.

  2. can puff pastry be fried?

  3. are you from FRIENDS?

  4. Hilha l think you should show a tutorial about how to make bacon.

  5. My stomach is GROWLING!  Those look so good.  (And I'm loving the dog, more cameos by the dog, please.)

  6. Hi Hilah, I wanted you to know that I made these last night and they were very,very delicious! I didn't have sherry so I left it out and used red onion instead of shallots and they came out perfect. I am using this recipe for my daughters baby shower so thank you. 

  7. elftails m says:

    Thank you Hilah, you made it look so easy:). Also thank you for having your hair pulled back, it's amazing how many ppl upload cooking segments with their hair hanging in their face, very distracting & unappealing. (btw I think hilah looks & sounds like Cameron Diaz:))

  8. ummmomen says:

    it looks nice. I will give it a try.

  9. butt fahid says:

    Yeah they r Gud

  10. yiasacele says:

    You look just like Lisa Kudrow(Pheobe from Friends) and you are funny too. Great recepie!!

  11. your dog in the back! so cute!!!! waiting to get a taste of those mushrooms!

  12. Lol…..I hate mushrooms they are so rubbery. Might I be able to substitute it with something else? Thank you for your post I need these in my life! -Christine

  13. Dalya Eason says:

    Hi Hilah! Think it would turn out well if we mixed the mushroom with the cream cheese?

  14. scott Viola says:

    Sherrrrrrrry sherry baby

  15. Souzan A. says:

    Can't you say Happy Christmas? What is wrong with you guys. It's Christmas time!

  16. That was sweetcorn

  17. Thanx a million it was awesome I put chopped cabbage mushrooms selectors peppers n mozzarella cheese fr my sons lunch box n my husband loved it THANKYOU specially fr that kind of folding the puffs used to do it the regular way btw this looks like a Danish pastry great Dr guests kids school parties crowd pleaser easiest impressive appetizer ever n delicious thanks again..

  18. mrbluenun says:


    And many thanks for the upload.

    I live and am alone in the world and like to pitch the odd what looks like a manageable dish for me to cook to make a change and to actually be excited about seeing how it turns out! Looks great to eat by itself or with simple veg, I get new potato’s year round or a brand that is shipped in when it is too chilly in London UK which is where I like so they are new sometimes but others ’new like’ or type. New potato peas and carrots will go love lovely with these.
    Take care and thanks for your skill. I will sub you and be checking out your other videos.

    Take care.

  19. Stella Lee says:

    ninja cutting skills!!!

  20. Sounds yummy! Thanks, Ted! 🙂

  21. Tj Rzippy says:

    i mixed in 3 cheese's with the ducksell mix it was smoother and creamery then what you had offered but based on what you had offered it was a realy good base !!!
    thank youfor a realy good Recipe lol i can't spell for sh*t !!! sorry

  22. romero271991 says:

    what a good idea, to shred the mushrooms with a cheese grater rather than chopping them one by one.

  23. Sahil Sharma says:

    i wish i could hug you

  24. Tina Phuong says:

    Aw ur dog's so cute! Whenever I have food my dog Tater has the same reaction lol. XD

  25. I hope you had a great birthday, Yesica!

  26. I never thought of that! Thanks!

  27. Ayeza Abrar says:

    ummm i wanna know what can i replace the white wine or sherry with? and how many do these make

  28. You rock – love your presentations.

  29. what is the puff pastry?

  30. usaearthling says:

    These were awesome. What would you suggest for filling instead of mushroom..I know lots of mushroom haters also. Thanks for sharing.

  31. DocGrim1 says:

    :41 What the hell was that sound?? LOL

  32. AccentFlavor says:

    We agree that puff pasty is an amazing ingredient for appetizers, thanks Hilah!

  33. Thanks so much! 🙂

  34. Hi Hilah!!
    I didn't read all the comments here (cause I'm lazy), but the word "duxelle" or "duxelles" is pronounced pretty much how you said it.
    or like … Duke Sell. The 's' at the end isn't pronounced if you spell it that way, silly French people don't often pronounce the final consonant. So, yeah. Hope that helps!
    Loved this recipe by the way!!

  35. Jina Patel says:

    ive always thought u that u look like febe from friends

  36. @swirlypop123 Hotchy-tothcy! It's 3 oz cream cheese.

  37. @swirlypop123 Yay!

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