How to Make Salmon and Wild Rice Salad | Tesco Food

Try out this simple salmon and rice salad flavoured with lemon and dill. It’s perfect for a summer party, BBQ or even as a light lunch. For more salad recipes and ideas, head over to Tesco Real Food:


  1. so easy simple idea cookies

  2. madcooking says:

    so much food wasted 🙁

  3. Joe Tannock says:

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  4. Joanne Yuen says:

    Is there an alternative to mustard which would be good?

  5. Sheri Dildar says:

    I will try your recipe but will keep the skin on as that's where the good oil is not use additional oil. thanks

  6. Heating food inside aluminium isn't a great idea.

  7. Packaa says:

    From angles, this women looks like Adam johnson

  8. hamzi puta says:

    I come here when I'm hungry

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