How To Make Simple And Delicious Sushi(2/2) How To Make Simple And Delicious Sushi At Home.
how to make simple and delicious sushi (1/2)

1. 2 cups of short grain sushi rice, 2 cups of water, wash and rinse for a couple of times and soak the rice for 1 hour.
2. Use the rice cooker or a pot of water over medium heat to cook the rice. Bring to boil, turn to low heat for 10 minutes and turn off the heat, cover and sit for another 15 minutes until the rice cooked.
3. Making rice vinegar: 1/3 cup of rice vinegar, 2 TBS of white sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of dashi.
4. Pour the vinegar mixture on rice and stir well.
5. Let rice cool down for a few minutes until within the room temperature.

Basic ingredients needed: sushi wrapper, cucumber, avocado, wasabi, ginger, salmon, yellow fin tuna, cooked shrimp, mayo, shicimi, ponzu sauce, eel sauce.

You can make: cucumber roll, avocado roll, salmon cucumber roll, salmon avocado roll,
tuna cucumber roll, tuna avocado roll, shrimp cucumber roll, shrimp avocado roll. You can also add spicy mayo and drizzle eel sauce. Enjoy.


  1. Does the tuna and salmon necessarily uncooked?

  2. Carol Long says:

    These were so very helpful! They are very clear and make sushi rolling easy! And it was so delicious! Our first try after watching these was a success! And so much fun!

  3. Were you on food truck race?

  4. Looks good I will try it thx for the tips

  5. I was NEVER into sushi. Watching this has interested me and it looks really tasty!

  6. uma singh says:

    loved video.. now I am able to make it.

  7. going to attempt to make sushi rolls for the very first time tonight my husband & I always go out on sushi dinner dates & just love it, so I have decided to try to make it at home wish me luck. thanks for these easy 1,2,3 steps it helped me out a lot.

  8. Is it regular rice or a special kind of sushi rice

  9. Yesss this was an awesome video. I can't wait to try this!!

  10. I'm watching this at night, the more I listen to his gentleman, the more I feel sleepy, he has a hypnotist voice!

  11. while watching this video I feel soooo much hungry.. I wanna eat sushi,that's my favorites.

  12. I made my first sushi today! I cheated on the fish (afraid of the raw) but regretted doing so; I also did not trouble myself to make a sauce so it was a dry eat. Lessons learnt: more fish, sauces and salad on the side.

  13. This is beautiful! Thank you for making these videos!! 🙂

  14. my goodness!! the end product looks so good!!! I'm so making this on the weekend!

  15. danobot says:

    This is an excellent tutorial. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  16. haha I lol'd when he said, in an undertone: "… it's not really crab…"

  17. Pyjama panda says:

    Thanks for uploading it was very helpful and it looked so yummy

  18. I want the avocado roll

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    This is great,thanks chef!

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    thank you love this video

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