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Quick and easy BANANA STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE Recipe using a Vita-Mix or Vitamix Blender. I will show you the step-by-step process from start to finish inorder to achieve a delicious and nutritious healthy fruit drink (WITHOUT the ICE CREAM) perfect for a snack or a quick meal that the whole family can enjoy. NOTE: Ice cream as shown in video is OPTIONAL, you can substitute ICE CREAM with vanilla yogurt or strawberry yogurts.

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  1. KyokoAnna says:

    I like these videos more, than the ones who have girls talking and it's not getting straight to the point. So annoying lol

  2. Carol Binnie says:

    Not dead healthy but so yummy. Thank you for sharing this

  3. mmmmm….. yummy

  4. Nice milkshake☺

  5. Kay T says:

    Who else watching in 2017?

  6. Ruben Moreno says:

    whats the ice for ?

  7. Ruben Moreno says:

    how many strawberrys was that ?

  8. Ze Lov says:

    and also: Doesn't the vanilla ice cream just defeat the purpose of a healthy fruit smoothie? I mean that ice cream is so processed and it probably has added sugars. If you wanted vanilla in your smoothie shouldn't you just get actual vanilla extract or something and put a little bit in there so it's the actual and not a processed dairy dessert?

  9. Ze Lov says:

    i can tell that you have a parrakeet or something in your house. that's cool

  10. John Wick says:

    I use 8 ice cubes, 8 strawberries, 1 banana and 2 table spoons of honey.

  11. Millie Moo says:

    This is delicious I mad it and I'm drinking it while typing this XP

  12. Albroot 8 says:

    Who else is watching in 2016 ?

  13. Can I just add the milk instead of yogurt

  14. pekanut says:

    Why would you wash the strawberries AFTER slicing? All the juice goes down the drain … And why do you wash and rewash like it´s from Fukushima? It´s from your garden …

  15. S Khan says:

    All praise to the creator who created sucha beautiful things to eat and tasty

  16. Raad Yo says:

    I will make it its looks so tasty

  17. ayslin cabar says:

    How much yogurt do we need ?

  18. Your suppose to replace the ice cream with yogurt

  19. nice vid and it sounded like the cockatiel wanted some fruit

  20. Era Random says:

    Just found out that you can't put 2 apples, 1 banana, 2 kiwi, 1 pear, 1 orange, half a bag of frozen berries and strawberries and a pile of spinach leaves in a blender all at once and expect it to work. After mashing everything down with my potato masher, then adding milk in an attempt to make it "start blending" I only ended up making my apartment smell like a pile of circuit boards started on fire. Finally after using a ladle to scoop out the chucks into cups, and getting the mess of chunks and milk everywhere, I started over with the milk and poured the chunks in one at a time and ended up with something that looks like a smoothie.

  21. jazevox says:

    Please check out my Tropical Smoothie Recipes BOOK at Amazon, I work so hard on this book, its a collection of most of the smoothies videos that I shared in my YouTube channels. These smoothies are easy to make, we make them every year at home, hope you try them all. You can use this smoothie book as an easy reference anytime. The link of the book is available in the description of this video. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your support. Tropical Smoothie Recipes BOOK at Amazon

  22. i just made one!thank you

  23. I make my own and I got a cup a spoon and strawberries

  24. Who else is watching in 2015

  25. marwamendes says:

    I think u put too much ice

  26. I love the sound of your bird. Is it a parakeet? This smoothie looks yummy !

  27. You put a lot of bananas

  28. Oh i love Smoothie's, and this sure looks like a nice one, hey the first thing i noticed in your video is what nice taps you got on your sink, i got similar ones at my home back in England, but they ain't as nice as yours. Thanks for the share, great video ★★★★★… Carl

  29. Shark1103 says:

    Well, I was with you up until you used that ice cream. That thing contains 11g Saturated fat for 1/2 cup! (%55), totally unhealthy. Still, Thanks for the video it was informative. 

    By the way I make my smoothie with banana, strawberry, blueberries, milk and a vanilla protein powder; good for gains.

  30. Emilie T says:

    Do you have to have the ice cream?

  31. Also. I use half and half instead of milk. And plain yogurt instead of icecream for a healthier choice.

  32. Netty Flik says:

    Great video, but your bird is annoying

  33. Excellent, Thank you

  34. No disrespect but how is this your making anywhere near healthy? You used whole milk AND YOU PUT ICE CREAM!!! are you kidding? This is high caloric and high fat. To make this healthy completely omit the ice cream and instead of whole milk use almond milk!

  35. summer hot says:

    Your blender is huge, I just ordered a : Digilex 3-in1 Power Fruit Juicer / Blender / Coffee Grinder online. It's onlt got a 1.25L blender and 1l juice cup capacity, I'm not sure if it's good to make smoothies after watching this video lol. 

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