Hummus Veggie Dip! Low Fat, Raw Vegan

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2 tablespoons tahini
1 peeled zucchini
1strip celery
juice of 1 lime
green onion 1 strip
cayenne to taste
celery salt (optional)

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Produced By: David Ordaz


  1. very Nice. …!!! 😉

  2. great idea…awesome alternative to hummus

  3. silver ivy says:

    hummus recipe that is not hummus….

  4. do you use a food processor or blender is there a difference?

  5. What is "human"? She didnt hold the bottle to where we could see the label. 1:48

  6. Thank you…..I made it and it's now my favorite

  7. Sarah Jane says:

    your dress is perfect

  8. Love! !Love!! Love!!!!

  9. I refuse to add human into this recipe.

  10. Thanks for sharing

  11. what can be used instead of tininie when making hummus

  12. Sydney Long says:

    Oooo I like the look your wearing. very fun but classy

  13. Milsi Cortes says:

    OMG I bought the Tahini and it is nasty. I kept it but I might as well throw it away because I can't stand the taste. Sorry I love all your tutorials but the tahini has to go.

  14. Kirby S says:

    This looks great!! But I have a question: Why are chickpeas not considered raw? 

  15. RoniCMorales says:

    Just made this…LOVE IT ! THANKS !

  16. who was than in the background?   ^_^   nice recipe. thanks…

  17. love hummus 🙂 Great recipe 

  18. If it doesnt taste like "humus" dont call it "humus"

  19. NofiManson says:

    i'm disappointed… it can be a nice dip but nothing like hummus… you can use sprouted chickpeas that can still be eaten raw, with tahini and that's it… 

  20. Can you SHARE the link of your celery salt please?

  21. Hi Rawvana, thanks for sharing! I do have a question about the ingredients as they are listed above- you have LIME in the list, but state LEMON in the video. Which is it, or does it matter?

  22. Dima Obari says:

    Finally a recipe for low fat raw hummus!
    Who knew you could add zucchini.. thanks for sharing! ^_^

  23. browniedgal says:

    Hey, why don't you use chick peas? If she doesn't answer can someone tell me why she didn't use chick peas? Is it to keep it low fat? 

  24. Epic creation vana hehehe

  25. you should do a video with your mom or dad in it! or a a collaboration

  26. This is a MUST try. Thanx!

  27. I love your videos rawvana! thanks so much! … hope you have a great time at the fruit festival…. 🙂

  28. FrootKat says:

    Ohhhhh awesome thanks Rawvana I've been looking for some hummus replacementtttttt ^_^ 

  29. emzirek says:

    I wish you would describe the flavor of this dip and any other recipes, so I don't make something that I may not like. I think it would help others, too =)

  30. Please come checkout my first video and give me some feedback and if you enjoy subscribe

  31. thank you I needed this

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