if you eat 12 almonds everyday for a month, amazing things will happen to your body

Almonds are extremely healthy. You can eat them as they are, or you can leave them in the water overnight and eat them next day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxHmzdqcwcs&feature=youtu.be
Almonds are rich in proteins, Vitamin E, magnesium, fibres and essential amino acids. They contain lots of vitamins and other elements we need to be beautiful and healthy.

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This is what happens when you eat 12 almonds everyday for a month.

1. They reduce bad cholesterol.

Almonds are one of the best products for reducing “bad” cholesterol. If your cholesterol is already too high, increase the number of almonds to 12 a day.

2. They give you beautiful Healthy hair.

Almonds contain almost all the vitamins and minerals needed to improve the growth of your hair and make it stronger. Magnesium and zinc stimulate hair growth, vitamin E makes it stronger, and vitamin B gives gloss and longevity.

3. They will Improve your memory.

Regular consumption of almonds also improves the memory thanks to vitamin E and fatty acids. They are also a good source of zinc, a mineral that protects brain cells from free radicals.

4. they help in Preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging on your face.

These nuts contain an ample amount of maganese that helps produce collagen, a protein responsible for skin tone. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, also helps fight signs of aging.

5. Almonds Help in pregnancy.

when they are Consumed during pregnancy, they help your baby to develop normally and reduce the risk of birth defects. large amount of folic acid in almonds helps to form healthy cells and tissue.

6. They will Strengthen your bones.
Almonds are rich in phosphorus and calcium, which are essential nutrients for healthy bones. In addition, they contain magnesium, maganese and potassium, which help in Reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

almonds help prevent diabetes, increase energy levels, reduce the risks of cancer, improve digestion and give us many other health benefits.

now, Would you eat almonds every day?

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  1. How many of you here eat almonds daily ? Comment below if you love almonds !

  2. Mam i hav full acne on my face how can i get rid with that by using almonds please replay

  3. Thanks for sharing

  4. Iodine says:

    don't they also contain a very small trace amount of cyanide

  5. But i m eating daily 33 almond, please let me know is that ok

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  8. kaleem somu says:

    Is eating daily 12 almonds can gain body fat?

  9. Rashid Khan says:

    You must be doing full time job in replying each comment. Well done ££££

  10. Ashu Sharma says:

    Can we eat almond in summer

  11. Ashu Sharma says:

    Can we eat almond in summer

  12. Ubong Bassey says:

    How to lose weight

  13. I eat like 8 almonds a day in average

  14. broken heart says:

    I am everyday eat almonds with milk thanks for give us good information

  15. I love almonds, but they're either fumigated or exposed to high temperatures so nutrients are destroyed

  16. shailu reddy says:

    Is this really helps in reducing the over weight??

  17. Dipen Thapa says:

    I m eating 8 almond everyday

  18. My hair is falling a lot….the sculp is also very oily…what can I do???

  19. Amazing things? Such as cough and watery eyes?

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  22. Manish Mukhi says:

    Yes i will eat almonds everyday

  23. Siva Kumar says:

    can we have almond for uric acid

  24. Mr. Awesome says:

    what a coincidence i eat exactly 12 almonds everyday

  25. Rayan Ahmed says:

    Won't have any side effects? :/

  26. Javed Khan says:

    I have hair problem today early in th morning i started almonds …
    Eat with water or without water

  27. ur video is very useful… n already i'll eat 6 almonds everyday

  28. Shyam Kumar says:

    Its almond eats for sure the body improment

  29. Leon Aboodi says:

    am I the only one who eats almonds when it's exam time lol

  30. Lokesh Kumar says:

    When should I take 12 Almonds..?
    morning..? afternoon.?night..? and expecially should I take before food..!

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