Kit Kat Milkshake – Easy Homemade Kit Kat Milkshake Recipe

Learn how to make a Kit Kat milkshake at home. This delicious milkshake is a blend of Kit Kat, vanilla ice cream and milk, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with Kit Kat crumbs.

► How to Make Whipped Cream


– (ingredients for 2 milkshakes) –

– 8 Kit Kat sticks (2 packets)
– 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
– 200 ml (6.7 oz) of whole milk
– Whipped cream, for garnish
– Kit Kat crumbs, for garnish
– 2 Kit Kat sticks, for garnish

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P.S. We are not native speakers of English, so we apologize if there are any incomprehensible words, typos or grammatical errors in this video. We hope you enjoy the recipe!


  1. Salman Ahmed says:

    watching while eating KitKat 🙂

  2. out standing recipe

  3. tahura 121 says:

    can we use cadbury chocolate instead of kitkat

  4. doing this for my family for Christmas

  5. barbie well says:

    can v make this without icecream

  6. Delicious and filling! video,love it:)

  7. اجنن الوصوه وبصراحه تستاهل لايك

  8. can we add some chocolate syrup in it?..and,no sugar needed?

  9. Ali Gohar says:

    I hate all the hater's over here!!! The shakes are awsome! My fam wil luv it! THX !

  10. Paul Singh says:

    holy fuck. i am honestly sitting here stoned and that looks so good. you made the video so short but it really showed how amazing this kit kat milk shake can be. i am going to try it. its fucking 40 degrees here in Vancouver BC, Canada this is a fucking record. will be going to make this tom 🙂 thanks 🙂 keep more videos like this coming 😀

  11. ahmed hassen says:

    i just woke up and being the unhealthy person i am i wanted to drink milkshake for my breakfast.SO THIS MADE MY MORNING!!!!

  12. Azan Ali says:

    I every day drink kit kat shake

  13. wow looks lush will try it!neva thought of sumyhing so simple n luvly. thnx

  14. PsGamer949 says:

    Please put a recipe for tapioca pudding

  15. selin.t says:

    Can't wait to make this!!!

  16. So glad to have found your channel (: indeed, simple and easy recipes are found!

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