Mini Blueberry Upside Down Cakes | Episode 1187

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  1. Zeek Street says:

    Most of her cake baking recipes be drier then Justine b vagina

  2. Janneke003 says:

    Could you do this with a different fruit than blueberries? Like peaches for example?

  3. Been watching you for years and recipes Like this are why I keep coming back. lol Hope you have a great day. V

  4. rose mark says:

    Where is the recipe?

  5. Larry Gee says:

    WONDERFUL! Just watching you eat that little coffee cake, my mouth started to drool! I'm going to make these tomorrow, they look perfect. Thanks.

  6. MegaMissions says:

    I'd say raspberries or any berries would work in this recipe. Yummy, Laura!!!

  7. i'd love to get laura in the bedroom if you know what i mean

  8. Maine produces far more blueberries and they are wild berries not the large and unappealing cultivated berries that the so called "blueberry capital of the world" produces.

  9. Kori Skene says:

    These look delicious!

  10. Laura in the Kitchen Love this recipe and I've tried previous recipes (with success!) What other fruits would works well and would the time in oven need to be altered? Thanks

  11. OMG that looks amazing! Thank Laura for sharing!❤️

  12. It you do not like what she doing do not look at what she doing

  13. Renee Wise says:

    Can I use frozen blueberries?

  14. mercan k says:

    Wow i will make it know!

  15. wtf they look great! what are people out here bitching about

  16. This is one of those recipes you judge solely on taste. I would ONLY make for my immediate family.

  17. Can you make cake pops on your next recipe????

  18. Um, I think her pictures are fantastic! Those who are critiquing you try to make a dish like this, especially an upside down cake look good like she did. Laura girl you know what you are doing! 🙂


  20. Laura please don't listen to people saying this is a fail! As soon as a saw the picture I was like YUM! They look so yummy. Going to make a batch of these when I want a treat for breakfast 🙂

  21. DCARA06 says:

    Looks delicious! What an impressive treat to serve

  22. saul says:

    stranger things…

  23. Looks great! Keep it up Laura!

  24. Iam Blessed says:

    When I saw the picture on my notification, I was like Oh my goodness Laura, why are you doing this to me!! Those mini blueberry cakes looks awesome!!! Yum!!!

  25. Looks good 1 YUMMY thank you Laura ♥

  26. Teresa Diane says:

    I can care less about presentation. Freakin whiners.Just as long as it tastes good.
    Going to try this out Laura. Thanks

  27. What a great idea using the icecream scoop I would never have thought of that!! I'm guessing they tasted nice lol!! Gonna try this recipe on my wife as she loves blueberries!

  28. Looks delicious, gonna try it one day.

  29. Eanui says:

    great recipe!! 😀 can't wait to try it, I've had pineapple upsidedown cakes but I've never thought of using blueberries, looks delicious!! I love your videos!!!

  30. Bonnie Brier says:

    Boy do these look yummy. You did it up right this time. thanks

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