Mini Purple and Turquoise Buttercream Cakes- Rosie’s Dessert Spot

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create these three mini turquoise and purple themed cakes.

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I used Bakels Mississippi mud cake premix for the cakes, however if you are a scratch baker, I do have a delicious scratch chocolate mud cake demonstration here that comes out just as nice:

For the meringue tutorial:

Mini macarons tutorial:

buttercream frosting:

White chocolate ganache:
200 grams white chocolate
70 grams heavy cream / whipping cream
half a drop of turquoise gel food colour

– 3x 4 inch cakes
– 3x 7 inch cake boards –or 6 inch cake boards work well too
– buttercream frosting — 1.5 cups in purple, 1.5 cups in turquoise
– white chocolate plus some vegetable oil, approximately 1/2 tablespoon for 150 grams of chocolate
– white chocolate ganache
– Americolour gel food colour in Turquoise and Purple
– Turn table
– spatula
– bench scraper
– medium piping bag for rosette
– 1M tip for rosette
– small piping bag with leaf tip — or cut inward pointing triangle into the tip of your piping bag= tip numbers 366 or 352 from Wilton will also do the trick.
– Small piping bag for ganache
– mini macarons
– large circle punch
– baking paper

For the cake toppers:

Thanks guys for watching! I hope you found these entertaining and are maybe inspired to create something small and fun to look at.

I am so excited to start selling some toppers on my website / etsy / ebay / gumtree / anywhere else haha. If you are in need of any custom toppers, please feel free to contact me and I can work out a quote for you plus shipping. Otherwise I will have some templates to choose from which can be customized on my website.

Bye for now! xx

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    100% easy and amazing! Perfect for something to do in under an hour

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