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If you’ve never heard of jackfruit, you aren’t alone; but it’s now a major player in health and wellness programs. It grows on the largest fruit trees in the world and can weight up to 100 pounds! Jackfruit thrives in tropical areas, like India and Thailand. Some say the flavor resembles that of Juicy Fruit gum.

Generations long before us discovered the nutritious benefits locked inside this colossal fruit; they relied on its proteins and vitamins for a healthy lifestyle. Jackfruit is also loaded with calcium, potassium and iron.

In today’s video, we’ll conduct an investigation to see why jackfruit is getting the reputation as a miracle healer.

1. Cancer inhibitor
2. Weight loss
3. Lowers Blood pressure
4. Improves Digestion
5. Relieves Insomnia
6. Diabetic issues
7. Aids vision and refreshes the skin
8. Ulcer remedy
9. Supports bone health
10. Nervous system ally


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  1. harini2004 says:

    In Sri Lanka we eat this as a fruit and cooked them as a vegetable before rip. cooked as a curry in very young stage as a side dish to rice , boiled (with seeds) and eat with fish curry/coconut chutney as a main dish.
    Seeds itself can be cooked as a curry or boil and eat it.
    leaves are good for diabetic. you have to boil it and drink as a herbal tea.

  2. i like it Jackfruit, thanks for sharing.

  3. you can also find the jackfruit in Vietnam, it's so yummy!!!

  4. You can find this fruit in Sri Lanka India Thailand Malaysia and few neighboring countries buy enjoy and be healthy always

  5. Belinda Erna says:

    what is jackfruit

  6. sure jack fruit can that way amazing??

  7. Abel Palad says:

    This fruit is very delicious. Even the seeds are good , just boil them first for a couple of minutes.

  8. I have this a lot in my village but find it too sweet but i enjoy eating the cooked seed though. Amazing.

  9. thank for your sharing. I hope you make some interesting video more and more.
    To give us many useful information for our health

  10. Allenod Yada says:

    You can find jackfruit at many Asian markets. They are delicious, however, they do have a pungent smell like bad feet odor. I pinch my nose when I eat them, lol.

  11. First time hearing about jack fruit. Great to know. Will check it out

  12. Bill Baum says:


  13. Nurin Arshad says:

    wow never know this fruit has so many health benefits

  14. Sam sadat says:

    this are so many inBangladesh. we use it's seed in curry.

  15. okay thank you for answering me back I heard that it tastes good better if it's frozen where can I buy the Frozen at

  16. Lisa N says:

    My husband cooks with this fruit. I don't care much for it…but I'm not big on fruit in meals. Maybe it's tastier in mixed fruit dishes.

  17. Agung Rizki says:

    the taste is like a heaven


  19. In Vietnam, there are lots of this jackfruit.

  20. Thank you for sharing

  21. where do you buy this jack fruit at

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