Molten Chocolate Soufflé

Dark chocolate soufflé with a delicious molten center and a springy exterior of pure chocolate decadence. Click for the recipe:

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  1. Looks very good, but to be honest, this is not a real soufflé, a real soufflé does not incorporate flour. Flour is used to make it easier to succeed with this dish. But a soufflé without flour tastes very differently, its very very light in taste and feel.

  2. MNJGaGa says:

    so gonna make this. <3

  3. Yu Wen Wong says:

    What's the music? It sounds amazing

  4. omega B&B says:

    You may not know that but you just inspired me and one day when i will become good at this i will remember to give credit

  5. Kindred1a1 says:

    I just made this. I ate 2 soufflés in one sitting and didn't leave any for anyone else. Salty dark chocolate. amazing

  6. Zen Ora says:

    you didn't sous vide anything …unwatchable.

  7. Where can I get the ramekins from?

  8. Ranju pratap says:

    I just love this recipe

  9. The chef is so handsome

  10. Lj Gwapa says:

    What if I had a smaller ramekin? Ive tried it and the inside is cooked not chocolatey at all 🙁

  11. The3rdID says:

    Sweet Jesus……

  12. vojtavoj10 says:

    What is the differance between chocolate fondant and chocolate soufflé?

  13. How long can I keep the souffle base/the condition when still liquid in the chiller or frezer? sorry for bad english

  14. faith tia says:

    Is there any substitute for bread flour?

  15. Judy roman says:

    can you make a souffle by charging it in stead of whipping the whites???

  16. I'd love to have some but they don't have measurements!!! Why

  17. 7g salt was way too much for me. tastes like play doh

  18. You just earned a subscriber. Such elegance!

  19. Trudy Nuiver says:

    Made this, it's amazing!

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