Nonna’s Italian Fruit Tart Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 647

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  1. I've watched a few of the episodes where u make things with your Nonna, and I'm loving them…I'm just wondering (I didn't see it in the written recipe that's why I'm asking) what is the combination of 2 liquors Nonna uses in her dessert baking. You mentioned them but too fast and the only one I got was the Limoncello and that's the only one written in the recipe, but more than once u mentioned she combines it with a different one, what's the other one?

  2. maria54172 says:

    Yummy I like it.

  3. Zara Mughal says:

    can I use ready made custard powder?

  4. Xheni Mali says:

    Your nonna is so adorable! It just reminds me of mine when she teaches me how to cook different recipes. Also Laura, you are amazing as always! ❤️ God bless you both!

  5. Laura I love the authenticity of this video, it makes me feel like I'm at home.

  6. Anja Rosales says:

    We eat the same in Germany also we make it with only strawberries and red Gelatine, so yummy

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  8. Episodes with Nonna are the best.

  9. Ann Gibbins says:

    Laura you are such a clown. Love your antics and your baking, your Nonna is awesome.

  10. Gemma Davis says:

    I love seeing the real Italian culture!

  11. Potato Queen says:

    we make exactly the same in Cyprus . one of my favs! thanks Laura!

  12. Shanel Co says:

    We are practically neighbours <3 lots of love from Cyprus <3

  13. I love all ur recipies, they make me wanna eat.

  14. 17:39 OMG LAURA!! DON'T FALL!!!

  15. ziggy james says:

    I didn't know she knew drake

  16. Your nonna is so sweet!!! <3

  17. I love when they talk to each other and her grandmother kind of bosses her around… It's cute

  18. Plus the camera should have been on her hands so we watch how she layers things. This was a waste.

  19. I wish you had let her do the entire thing so we watch her method.

  20. Jessica Karl says:

    I noticed how your grandmother cleaned the spoon by putting flour on it and wiping it off. That worked great!

  21. paul lever says:

    fun good silly nonna

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