Oreo Milkshake Recipe – With Ice Cream | Summer Coolers & Shakes

Oreo, Sandwiched Chocolate Cookies are enjoyed by everyone. This Oreo Shake is ought to be one of the most relished shake. Small chunks of chocolate cookie in a creamy chilled shake is out of the world. Ice Cream, Oreo, Milk and Sugar That’s it and you get rich, delicious shake which is a favorite of many!
This video is in collaboration with Vidya Ji from Vidyascooking, she makes amazing south indian food but specializes in fusion cooking. Be sure to subscribe to her channel 🙂

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  1. Can I use chocolate Ice cream instead of vanilla?

  2. vinay mathi says:

    dude superb i'm love in it

  3. Yummy gonna try this recipe thx chef. Chef I have a request for kjau shake badam shake u know I have drink this in India on street and is very famous but I can't get it here so I want to try at home but can't find the recipe can u please help me and also can please show the street style falooda not the one we mix everything but that the one we drink at the stall please help me I want to know before the holy month Ramadan so I can prepare this in the month of Ramadan, I hope u will fulfill my request thx and yh I love all ur recipes special thx for the ice cream

  4. somya bathla says:

    Hey yaman,
    i wanted to know which brand of whipped cream do you use and for how many days u store your liquid ( not whipped) cream in the freezer. Actually i went to a bakery shop to buy whipped cream and they gave me Rich's one bt they said that you can store the whipped cream as well as the liquid one for 3-4 days ( that is fine ) bt as a homebaker i cannot use the entire liquid cream in 3-4 days. So, for how many days u store ur liquid heavy cream .???

  5. I baked ur basic cake today…its simple and delicious. But it took 40- 45 mins. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Can you show the recipe of chlli chicken

  7. Desingh Raja says:

    whipped cream means what? where i can get?

  8. asianlite6 says:

    Hi chef,very yummy it looks..ima sure you will make me to take all yummy stuff n lose my weight watching policy…;p…..thank you …god bless..:)

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