Pastry Cream (Custard) Danish Pockets Recipe – Video Culinary

Pastry cream Danish pockets recipe: with text and photo instructions, in both American and metric measures.
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  1. you make it look really easy. will definitely try it.thank you

  2. a true Danish pastry is only a Danish pastry with Danish butter.

  3. Beck S says:

    Hi, can the flour be substituted for gluten free?

  4. Galen says:

    What brand and model is that oven you used?

  5. These look amazing! I will definitely try them. Thank you for this recipe:)

  6. what butter is that coz that looks so hard to smoothen. can we use normal butter? I'm from Singapore btw. can I find that butter here. hope to get an answer soon. thanks.

  7. Emma Urgiles says:

    How many inchs should have each square ?

  8. Aide says:

    Can I make these without yeast? Will they just be flatter?

  9. Gleane Jalme says:

    Do you include the egg white?

  10. Lien Dang says:

    It turned out wonderful,thanks again.

  11. Lien Dang says:

    Any kind of flour ?

  12. can we make custard with the custard powder available in stores and fill in the pastry?

  13. 633r says:

    why so much folding and placing into fridge?

  14. thank you so much for your  videos are beautifully done…
    i love all your videos …

  15. Hi , may i know what kind of milk did u use with this recipe. Thankd

  16. i love your recipe , i will try it today ,how can i get the whole recipe in written words or let me know if the added butter on the cream ,is it 50 grams or 30 grams , i am afraid i have 'nt heard it right.thank you.

  17. i love your recipe , i am going to try it today .

  18. mehalev001 says:

    your videos are wonderful!!! I've been looking for this recipe for ages! it reminds me so much of my childhood and it is my mothers favorite. thanks to you i am going to make her a surprise. i hope i succeed 🙂

  19. gsteffabe says:

    Wow…after watching, I had to subscribe .Your videos are beautifully done.  Your camera positions, your sound, your music,. perfect.  Oh did I mention that your finished recipes look like works of art.  All I came here for was a strawberry perserves recipe,  but look what I walk away with.  Thank you for sharing your  art with us.  Look forward to exploring into your website.  Gary

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