Pastry Cream Recipe: How To Make: for Eclairs, Cream Puffs, Cakes: Di Kometa: Dishin’ With Di #60

Pastry Cream Recipe: How To Make Pastry Cream: for Eclairs, Cream Puffs, Cakes, Napoleons, tarts, pastries:Mom’s Pastry Cream! Pastry cream is a creamy custard with simple ingredients of milk, eggs, sugar, cornstarch in all recipes and some also add flour, salt and butter. Vanilla, lemon and chocolate are common flavors for this delightlful filling. It’s really a velvety smooth pudding that’s quite quick and easy to make. Creme Patissiere or Pastry cream is used as a filling for eclairs, cream puffs, boston cream pie, napoleons, cupcakes and cakes, fruit tarts and lots of dessert pastries. Try this sweet pastry cream filling with my Fruit Tart Recipe with Shortbread Crust! I makes a very delicious fruit tart custard and the tart is easy to make and delicious! The shortbrad is easier than a shortcrust (pate brisee) and is a press-in crust, so it’s a snap to make the tart. Easy Fruit Tart Recipe link is below too! Learn How To Make Pastry Cream! Get Recipes @

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  1. Ryomancer says:

    4:46 Dont worry, its okay. I have obesity too.

  2. scott watts says:

    I hate cream puff "cutters" use a small pointed dowel to make a small hole and hollow out the center a bit so you can pipe in any filling that might need chilled before serving. Corn starch is a must in any real kitchen.


  4. Sophie Iqbal says:

    could u use something else besides cornstarch

  5. where are the measurements ?

  6. Hailey _____ says:

    Could you replace the cornstarch with flower ??


  8. Mrs.Smith says:

    Tried this last night and it turned out very thick. I followed all the measurements in the website, I also used 4 egg yolks but it becomes watery when I combine it with cornstarch. So what I did was I added some more cornstarch for the "thick-paste" texture. After I heated it for the last time it becomes so hard and rubbery. I should have adjusted the eggs instead. The measurement you have is misleading. Did you really use 4 egg yolks?

  9. can you tell me the puff recipes

  10. wah look niceeeee… I will this!!!! tqz a lot

  11. Naomi Lynch says:

    I haven't got any corn starch do you have to add it in because I can't find it in my store plz respond as soon as you can.

  12. FoxtailKelly says:

    I was waiting for the what I call the "yummy face" look, then you ate the whole cream puff!  Made me laugh!  You looked surprised and then "what the hoot" than you ate it all.  It was funny.

  13. OMG you had me cracking up at the end! I would have done the same thing. You kept it real so I definitely subscribed and hit the thumbs up button! Looks delicious!

  14. nora azid says:

    Great video. Thanks for the recipes!!

  15. May Lee says:

    my mom makes the same pastry cream but she does it kinda different and hers looks like indian pudding and it taste really good but yours is good to i could see

  16. Halo Di , i wanna ask you,, is putting the custard on refrigator so necessery??? i want make it but i dont have cooler 🙁

  17. Halo Di , i wanna ask you,, is putting the custard on refrigator so necessery??? i want make it but i dont have cooler 🙁

  18. Oh my!!! I loved the way you cook..
    Alive and jolly ,you know it's not boring and that's the right cooking show for me .
    You keep smiling every time , it seems that you really love what you are doing.
    I want to try this recipe and i know that it will satisfy my cravings 🙂 thanks for sharing your techniques and ideas.. Enjoy, God bless and more more more recipes to come. 😉
    I am your Filipino fan 🙂

  19. Rëza Qais says:

    Is there a substitute for corn starch I don't have any?

  20. Fill Cream Puffs, Napoleons, Boston Cream Pie, or Fruit Tarts with the delicious Pastry Cream! Perfect for Easter Desserts!
    Get the Recipe >> Follow me on Facebook too!

  21. Luis Meza says:

    Can you use it for Boston cream pie

  22. Lisa Vargas says:

    You are too funny and that was easy to make. Thanks

  23. Bobby Sego says:

    Its always that 1 ingredient. That i dont have (cornstarch)

  24. MelodyMinaya says:

    This is the best video I've found but you dont say how much of each thing you need. We're not all cooks. 🙁

  25. lovebug2085 says:

    mine turned out thick and rubbery can someone tell me what i did wrong and what i can do about it

  26. justpar2012 says:

    Di, would the pastry cream hold up to use between that layers of a cake or would it collapse?

  27. Is it possible to use any type of milk?
    Or does it have to be whole milk?

  28. Joshua Young says:

    pastry cream is just like pudding you can just eat it right out of the bowl.

  29. She's so adorable I'm going to try this tomorrow

  30. Mon Bae says:

    Can you put something else then cornstarch? or do u have too?

  31. hello,
    can i use this pastry cream as a filling in cake…

  32. how do u know how much milk or sugar u need??

  33. Arch Nemesis says:

    Can I use this recipe 4 banana pudding?

  34. Mel Buckner says:

    Dianne – curiuos about the yield?  I'm about to make my grandma's eclair recipe for xmas – however, she used to use vanilla pudding as the filling – which would work but I'd rather use pastry cream.  Her recipe yields about 8 big eclairs (the way she made they were about the size of a maple bar donut)..

  35. pilot2509 says:

    Can we use corn flour if we don't have corn starch?

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