Potato Lollipop Recipe – Easy evening tea snacks recipes / Veg Party starters appetizer dish ideas

Potato lollipops are easy evening snacks to make at home. It is quick Indian Vegetarian party starters /appetizer recipes made with potato.
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  1. If you tried these potato Lolipops do share your feedback. How did they turn out?
    क्या आपने इसे ट्राय किया? ज़रूर बताएं की कैसा बना.

  2. Arshad Ali says:

    what can we use instead of breadcrumbs

  3. Kitan Bubna says:

    App hindi kyu video nai bnate

  4. please make in english

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    english me chapad chapad kar rahe te

  6. that potato lolipops were amazing

  7. mam mainly ye recipe try ki the bohot achi bane thi

  8. speak slow mam……u r so fast speaker

  9. Vikas Ghule says:

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  11. anam jameel says:

    these balls can be eaten with sauce ?

  12. Aysha Anika says:

    your recipi is so nice

  13. ROBO KOP says:

    worst I've tried

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    Thank you for sharing keep it up

  15. Very happy to meet u

  16. hindime battaiye.

  17. Raj Singh says:

    i m also master shaif

  18. Raj Singh says:

    i m also master shaif

  19. Syeda Midhat says:

    can we use another thing instead of breadcrumbs ?

  20. what can be taken as substitute of bread crumbs?

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