Puff Pastry Dough recipe

How to make a perfect puff pastry dough in easy steps. Puff pastry dough recipe. for details click http://www.aashpazi.com/puff-pastry-dough
and also check out http://www.aashpazi.com/zaban-puff-pastry
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  1. Suzy Deany says:

    Wth ???It's not a puff pastry , it's a pastry to wrap ur dead body!

  2. Bdoor Yousef says:

    اعوذبالله الزبده قاتله والكميه مرعبه

  3. Hassan Mb says:

    what is this….

  4. Iqra Turk says:

    just feed up rolling and refrigerater … free lady no work to do just wasting tym

  5. Mesho Jan says:

    jab market me bani banai milti hai to zarorat kiya hai time zaya karne ka

  6. goldenficus says:

    pukul berapa boleh makan??

  7. ppp ppplll says:

    i tried this but instead i froze the butter and dont have to chill and fold every 30 minutes. it come out perfect haha 😀

  8. fk the puff pastry i want it for dinner not for xmas dinner lol

  9. i have a newfound respect for store bought puff pastry dough

  10. DrFeelGd says:

    this person deserve a like i bet she started to hate life halfway through this

  11. Titas Biswas says:

    Show this to everyone who thinks cooking is simple :3

  12. Damn mama got patience, I'm still going to try it!!

  13. Never cooked. Lame video.

  14. if i just made the first thing of dough, would it work as pastry dough? everything on YT is PUFF or FILO and i cant seem to find a good recipe

  15. Fraz Khan says:

    you did very good….and i'm sure these people kidding and joking with you for your good recipe have not knowledge of cooking and baking ….. really i liked your recipe

  16. I feel like it's been 5hrs of opening and closing the refrigerator!

  17. Furqan Ullah says:

    I'd rather just buy it

  18. saga Begum says:

    puff banarahi hai ya hame bana rahi hai

  19. Othermails08 says:

    Why bother to grate the cheese. It will get mushed up anyway!

  20. toba hai dough banay wali bandi dunia ki sub se sust bandi h dil kar raha h is se lay k main hi bna dun

  21. Asma Tasmeen says:

    So what??????? What are you trying to do? You think we are mad??? If just keeping rolling folding and refrigerating when should I bake and have?? For sure you are mad or you seriously have a revenge ending and sucking our minds for the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. Orange Lemon says:

    Thanks for making waste my flour I guess you can roll out my cock next

  23. After watching this video , I will buy and eat .

  24. AD says:

    I will start making my dough tomorow morning and I will see when I'm going to finish

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