Raw Food Recipes: Healthy Chocolate Pudding (Vegan)

Here comes another great raw food alternative. For all people who are serious about losing weight, but do not want to let go of delicious tasting dishes: Here comes your solution!
This raw food weight loss recipe is created to deliver delicious taste, yet it is made without sugar, dairy products or any kind of processed food. 100% healthy raw food ingredients for you health only. Enjoy!


  1. What is carob powder?

  2. kvtassel says:

    I'll do this with some chaga or coconut water.  Add organic stevia for more sweetness.  Cinnamon for taste or take encapsulated will help with sugar based deserts.  Perhaps a powdered seaweed would be ok.  Soaked chia seeds, and some good organic coffee.

  3. thx for this recipi- i havent found something i canmake for the kids yet- so they dont get scared away by the raw life… but this maby can do it….

  4. vero dede says:

    Ooooooh cant wait to try out this recipe…yumyumyum!

  5. What´s the difference (and health difference) between cacao, raw cacao and carob? 🙂 avocado sounds strange in a choclate pudding, how did you come up with that?

  6. Gotta try this! Had such a craving for chocolate today! You are so sweet, Ka Sundance! What an unusual name, very beautiful. 🙂

  7. 9snaker says:

    Roher Kakao ist was spezielles 😉
    Weil Kakao ja ne Bohne, und somit roh giftig ist muss es fermentiert werden um roh genießbar zu sein^^
    Und Carob Pulver bekommst du im online Versandt oder im Bioladen 😀

  8. God thank you very much. The dessert was very delicious and healthy.
    I did experience some problems find some other ingredient at our near health's food's store. Like for example, Goji's berries and the other one was
    shelled's hemp's seed. The High Priest'shood must have enter your fate and destiny also. Well, Thank God and God's Universal's Spiritual's Laws for us good's HETERSEXUALONLY groupe^

  9. "Thank you very much for sharing," MotherPrincess says thank you very much.The Queen'sniece over there."

  10. OMG!This is so good !I put it in popicicle mold and froze it so it was like ice cream…my kids loved this they beg me to make this once a week!I am trying so hard to get my kids who were raised on a regular American diet..after I got diagnosed with an auto immune dissorder I found you on YT and have started try to make changes to eat health.I feel so much better .I have severe arthtitis is there any food that can help joint pain?I am off diabetes medication after only a few months of juicing

  11. I tried the the recipe and I loooooove it! Tastes much better than normal chocolate pudding… 🙂

  12. purpleneens says:

    I made this pudding last night….I added a little vanilla to the mix and served it over chopped banana's and raspberries then sprinkled sunflower seeds and coconut flakes on top……OMG SOOOO YUM!!! My kids loved it too. Thanks Ka, you truly are a gem!

  13. I can't wait to try this. Will let you know how my kids liked it when I get all the ingredients.

  14. You are such a good Dad making your angels raw foods. I hope your kids never grow up they are so beautiful! The pudding my and I made before it to was great!

  15. avocado and chocolate yuck but great video

  16. If you are on a high raw food diet and you eat this, it will not effect your weight. This desert food is not fattening unless you are eating Standard American Diet.

  17. Vegirobin says:

    Whoo… high in fat, eh? Looks delicious though.

  18. Herbalcat says:

    Your family is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    Peace and Blessings!

  19. Ishkiia says:

    This was an awesome recipe…. and a great way to immolate pudding.. thank you so much Ka I have not tried it yet but it sure seems like it would taste awesome. I'm traveling at the moment and don't have access to all my raw food foods and blender etc. But I sure will when I get home… thank you so much again for doing this. I love your recipes

  20. Witchy Girl says:


    why are u laughing !!

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