Salmon Patties – Quick & Easy

Canned salmon makes for a quick and healthy dinner. Jenny Jones shares her simple recipe for salmon patties made with whole wheat bread crumbs, red pepper, parsley & onion. This easy recipe takes minutes to make. (PRINTABLE RECIPE:


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  1. Rain Coast says:

    There's one, and two, and three, and four, cause there's no more.

  2. Looking good. But, in the south we remove the little soft bones….

  3. G. Ming says:

    Her dry boring jokes.

  4. fv nordby says:

    toxins in wild salmon? hahaha, the subsidized meat industry who can afford lobbyists have brainwashed people.

  5. Darrell says:

    I make a milk gravy with the juice from the can, and serve the salmon cakes with mashed taters and the gravy.  Good stuff.

  6. Richard Vass says:

    .. but you can add organic corn flakes instead of the bread and some fennel seeds for different flavor. I am going to have to try it your way.

  7. She is really cute

  8. Ruth Pavich says:

    Not only are you a good cook, but I love your sense of humor!!

  9. The last bit with the phone… Sam and Pattie's. You're hilarious. Subscribed.

  10. Chris M says:

    can u mix salmon and tuna together to make the patties ?

  11. lol, if its only 15 minutes I am not gonna bother taking my clothes off. lololol.

  12. Where in the world did you get the red spatula at? Is it silicone?

  13. ale says:

    Can I use normal breadcrumb

  14. Cheryl64014 says:

    You are so danged cute!

    I just subbed. How could I not?! ♥

  15. Cheryl64014 says:

    No eyeballs… ♥

  16. Laura O says:

    Delicious! I have been a fan of yours for years, starting with your talk show. I was so happy to see you demonstrating these wonderful and easy to understand recipes! And your humor is just the cherry on top!! Thank you for being you! You're a true delight!!!

  17. wait…is this former talk show host Jenny Jones??

    definitely doing this recipe tonight..gonna add spicy Dijon mustard to spice things up

  18. Keith Sage says:

    I love your Kitchen , I will be making this today and I will give you my opinion.

  19. Chey R says:

    I love your kitchen

  20. Jenny…thanks deeply for sharing this absolutely life-giving receipe with Humanity!!!! You rock!!! I love your sense of humour….your story about seeing the fish eyes….was way toooooo funny!!! Plz nourish your heart and soul……always sweet Precious Soul!!!!

  21. nancy leddy says:

    she's hilarious

  22. Nancy Davis says:

    lol salmon and patties….tyvm …they look great

  23. C Garvin says:

    looks great! btw, what is the name of your silicone spatula? I have been looking for a thin one and have not found yet. Thought I would find at bed bath & beyond but theirs is not thin.

  24. Bob P says:

    Jenny's damn funny and a good cook/chef too. 🙂 Her no-knead bread recipes are spot ON.

  25. Miss K says:

    you are fantastic love!! subscribed from Oz xx

  26. Nonny Brooks says:

    I love this recipe but, I had to cook my pepper before putting them in the patties. The peppers didn't get done in the middle and the raw taste and texture was not good. I sometimes also add tiny shrimp to these patties and it's great!

  27. MoodyGirl says:

    is that jenny jones?

  28. edjucat says:

    They look tasty but I doubt there is any way to prepare salmon that will make it palatable to me. Sorry, but it's just way too fishy tasting. I think albacore would be excellent in this recipe.

  29. HAHAHA the opeing line had me dying :))

  30. Ruth Orozco says:

    omg its jenny jones!!!! i used to watch her show all the time!!!!

  31. click on! This Video! Is'ntn- that former talk show host " jenny Jones , wonder where's she @now??may – 2017

  32. alexas hayes says:

    Im so happy I found your video. Genius recipe!

  33. why not fresh salmon?

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