Sangria Freezer Pops | Episode 1185

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  1. this is the quickest recipe she ever uploaded, still yummy

  2. thanks for sharing this Laura ……….;)

  3. mawpatti says:

    is anyone else experiencing a blurry video?

  4. Say What?? says:

    I watch all your videos. Just sayin'. i love to watch you eat!

  5. Sam Wetzel says:

    in canada we call them freezes lol

  6. 4:12 Guys You're welcome

  7. Jamie Pascua says:

    Can you please make some peanut butter blossoms?

  8. Nae Nae says:

    Hey I'm a new subscriber and I love your videos

  9. Can you do pls chill cheese bombers

  10. Lucie Huang says:

    Can u please make some special jam for jimin's jam please

  11. Kori Skene says:

    Love this idea! Im going to use reusable popsicle moulds instead though 🙂

  12. tita Vasquez says:

    That look so good place write me back when will you have new video

  13. Nickie IDRUS says:

    Yummy.. Can u do a video on how to make buffalo chicken frittata?

  14. How Tasty says:

    Great Idea Laura! Here in my Country the weather is very hot now, I need one of these Pops 😀

  15. you could also make with jello/vodka.

  16. You know how to cook

  17. I Just Love This!! Thank You For Sharing♥️!

  18. Justin Riley says:

    your sucking skills A1 4:11

  19. Lyndy Gates says:

    Perfect for this 100 degree summer weather here in LA!

  20. omg you're the best Laura

  21. Love you Laura! But, please no disposables!

  22. I love Love LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing, making NOW!

  23. chadyfrs93 says:

    you lost me at "disposable" ….

  24. MamaMittens says:

    I didn't even know you could buy fillable popsicle sleeves. This is awesome!

  25. Leslie Moise says:

    You are so inventive.

  26. Look good. You look great. We would love to see the baby some time. Thanks for sharing. God bless. You Rock.

  27. Denisse says:

    Early squad! Where you at?

  28. Cinder Plays says:

    Make homemade Raisin Pie from scratch! <3

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