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Sharjah Milkshake Recipe (Malabar Style), is a quick and easy Indian style milkshake from Malabar.

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  1. hyImran khan says:

    nice but too much peanuts. I skip some peanuts

  2. hyImran khan says:

    nice but too much peanuts.

  3. DEEN TUbE says:

    ha ha ha ha 'one baby banana'

  4. Hi nice recipy mam I am also from Kerala(kochi)Chechy can you give any suggestion for hair loss?

  5. Hiba Najeem says:

    nice and simple.

  6. mam I'm keeping milkshake restaurant it best for keep in my restaurant

  7. nice way of making.

  8. Dhija Albert says:

    The milk you used is raw know
    Can we use boiled and cooled milk

  9. Resmi N says:

    are u from kerala ???

  10. Sallu Farman says:

    waw sis thank u so much

  11. Sallu Farman says:

    waw sis thank u do much

  12. Antony N says:

    "Baby banana".. Lol

  13. Chechi excellent. Thanks for this.

  14. Slight correction.. If u dont blend the sugar first it wont dissolve when u serve the milkshake. We could feel the sugar pieces while having the milkshake.

  15. How about cashew nuts instead of peanuts?

  16. Sri Ganesh says:

    kindly please upload how to make chocolate egg cream soda drink for summer please thank you

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