Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 753

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  1. maryly09 says:

    i tried this recipe. i feel like the orange zest was too strong and overwhelming. It took over the flavor of strawberry shortcake. maybe next time I'll eliminate the orange zest.

  2. I married a vanilla cake tried chocolate marshmallow cupcakes

  3. I have an odd question, what microphone do you use??

  4. she didnt use the corn starch in the video

  5. do u mean 350°c or 350°f

  6. Request spongebob krabby pattys

  7. Neshia Nesh says:

    Hi, I wanted to let you know, I made these cupcakes tonight and they were AMAZING. I used the orange zest and juice as you did in your video. I did use vanilla extract bc I could not find vanilla paste, but  they came out great. This is one of my favorite recipes…Thank you for sharing…

  8. Reminds me about strawberry shortcake in that show

  9. noura khalid says:

    can i use frozen strawberries ??

  10. Can you make a strawberry shortcake

  11. it looks so so so good Laura

  12. Coconuts says:

    Does it matter if your flour is Bleached or Unbleached when baking cupcakes or it doesn't matter?

  13. I don't now why but I find Laura sooooo rood

  14. Looks so delicious Laura.

  15. Can you taste the orange in the cupcakes?

  16. Can we use vanilla extract instead of vanilla paste?

  17. me and my mom made this June 4 but instead of strawberry i used blueberry thanj you so much for this recipe

  18. I love your strawberry shortcake cupcakes they are really good

  19. jennet Feng says:

    What can I use to substitute heavy cream because they dont sell it here in Canada. Someone please reply ASAP need this recipe for a party. Thanks

  20. What did they taste like? Did they taste buttery?

  21. Hi Laura,
    Quick question, how can you make you the cupcakes turn out fluffy and soft? One recurrent problem I have is getting them really dense and heavy :/!

  22. Becky Shock says:

    Strawberry festival in WV ended today after a week……

  23. Emmy Pap says:

    I made these cupcakes and can't stop eating them. I also put sugar instead of powdered sugar and it worked the same

  24. Cher L says:

    you are right ice cream scoops are better than using regular spoons.

  25. Where do you get vanilla paste??

  26. Cher L says:

    you always say it is your handy dandy ice cream scoops. it's not like you have other smaller spoons or big spoons

  27. Selena Zhou says:

    I add the baking powder but for some reason my mixture doesn't rise much 🙁 I do not overmix

  28. ya and I love it too

  29. good looks with these cupcakes

  30. This is a work of art. Beautiful.

  31. emil scales says:

    hello Laura and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe this us I Love it!!!! will you make German chocolate cupcakes? thanks a alot! and take care God bless you. Yakisha S.

  32. Hi Laura, does this have to be cupcakes or can I make it as an actual cake in a cake tin?

  33. Julie Joseph says:

    she has the same shirt in multiple colors.

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