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Raw food diet. It sounds simple. It is simple. It is things that are not cooked. The basic rule of thumb with raw food is you don’t want to heat anything above 118 degrees. Some people say 115 degrees. And what that means is with the raw food, if it goes above 118, you start to kill the enzymes that are naturally in the food. That’s one of the big benefits of raw food is the natural enzymes which help you absorb your food to help break it down to digest it. And if you go above those temperatures, you kill off those enzymes. Basically anything that’s packaged food, you’re probably, it’s already cooked in the processing.

So we’re talking about getting fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts. Preparing them in a way that we don’t heat them over 118. Most preparation for raw food is very basic and doesn’t require any heat, and therefore it’s still raw. Some people like to dehydrate their food and you get more intense flavors that way and can simulate even some cooked food. And so you can dehydrate foods at, say, 115 degrees, get them warm as well. A lot of people miss that warm flavor. So you can get that by dehydrating as well. So the basics is, you just are not going to heat your food above 118 degrees and it’s going to be raw.


  1. SugarKitty says:

    Cooking things actually is better

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  6. rawdream says:

    By the way most store fruits are dehydrated in hot ovens, above 120 F or so.

  7. rawdream says:

    Any marinaded and salted food (like cucambers or fish or nuts) are not considered raw as well. Besides, enzymes are not active in dehydrated nuts or dates etc, and to activate them you need to soak them in water.

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  9. Kimber Bauer says:

    the main thing that seperates us from other animals is that we cook our food so what the heck is that raw food diet

  10. May I say he looks a little scary cuz he keeps starring at a certain point throughout the entire video ….

  11. Nicki Shinn says:

    It was actually 1 minute 38 seconds.

  12. ValtronW says:

    This diet fad is an absolute joke. I've tried some recipes, they were god-awful. Everything is made with processed nuts.

  13. That video took 3 minutes to say two sentences. He could have added some more information to make this video more informative without even changing the running time.

  14. NippinHebrew says:

    Remember when Howcast uploaded good videos, Prepridge Farms remembers.

  15. RowmanSailor says:

    I look forward to a new food series. Can't wait to watch, Howcast!

  16. Aquafreeze says:

    Everyone under me ARE AWESOME !

  17. Lol i am the 3 viewr

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